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Product Comments for:  Rose Quartz - Rose Quartz Natural Chips/Chunks (Brazil) (NQRSCB)
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Rose Quartz - Rose Quartz Natural Chips/Chunks (Brazil)
  Size great, the color was not amazing.  (Submitted by: Meaghan Cooperman on May 02, 2014)
  Rose Quartz has been in the holy 'vault' for a long time and is a go-to sacred Teacher for me in mineral form. So, if there is one I know almost more than any other it is this one. I like to call 'instant feminine divine' for my branch of work. I've said it before and I want to again: the 'B' grade of items has impressed me more than some of the best that other curators have had to offer that I've obtained before settling in with healingcrystals in confidence. Wow! My thanks to Jesse and all involved!  (Submitted by: J.M. Cotti on May 02, 2014)
  Beautiful and sweet - thank you!  (Submitted by: T. Renee Richardson on February 15, 2013)