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Product Comments for:  Chakra Set - 7 Premium Tumbled Assortment (All 7 Chakras) (A8CHPR7)
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Chakra Set - 7 Premium Tumbled Assortment (All 7 Chakras)
  I'M GLAD I DECIDED TO KEEP THE PURCHASE! I LOVE THEM ALL!  (Submitted by: C. Hopkins on November 08, 2013)
  Loving the cards and the color coded pouches  (Submitted by: Bob Jackiewicz on March 22, 2012)
  Very nice set. Love the color coordinated pouches. I plan on leaving the stones in each bag and placing them at the chakra points.  (Submitted by: Mary Hansen on January 28, 2012)
  I love this chakra set!!!! With so many different types of crystals, how could you not be ecstatic? The quality of these crystals/stones are excellent, with my clear Quartz being completely transparent, Citrine full of rainbows and big piece of Turquoise...this set has still not stopped amazing me!! In my opinion, this set is a must have :D  (Submitted by: Daniel O on January 20, 2012)
  I LOVE THIS CHAKRA SET!!!!! All the stones are beautiful and small enough to place on the body with ease, yet big enough to enhance vibration!! My personal favorite three are the: Citrine point, clear quartz point ( the clear quartz crystal I received with the Crown chakra set was small, but it is hands down the clearest quartz crystal I own - Excellent condition- and my tumbled turquoise! ( bigger than I was expecting) I recommend this to anyone interested in using crystals as a part of they're daily life or routine :D  (Submitted by: Daniel Obryan on January 19, 2012)