This is a simple set of instructions on how to set up a Crystal Grid.

Energy Grids act to amplify and direct energy and specific intentions.   In order to create a Crystal Grid, choose 7 stones.    You can create Crystal Grids from any crystal, tumbled stone, or even from stones that you have collected from a creek or from your yard.   All Crystals are connected with the Earth and can be activated in this manner.  My favorite is to use Clear Quartz as they are the most programmable and also work well to amplify any intention.   My favorite setup is to use 6 clear quartz crystal points on the outside of the Crystal Grid and to use a clear quartz pyramid or tower in the center. 

It is helpful to write down your intention for the crystal grid, although this is not necessary.  To create a crystal grid, place 6 stones in a circle with each stone equally far apart from each other and equally far from the center.  This creates a hexagon and resonates very well with the hexagonal structure of many crystals including quartz.  

The crystals on the outside act to "draw into" or to "draw out of" the crystal in the center and the center crystal is the one which connects with and sends and/or receives energy from the destination of your intention.   Crystals can transcend Time and Space and through the use of Crystal Grids, you can send and receive energy from the Past, Present or Future and also to/from any place that you can imagine in the Universe.    Crystal Grids can also transcend dimensions.   Their ability to transmit energy between dimensions is what makes them effective with this type of work.   

To activate a Crystal Grid, it is useful to connect each crystal to each other as shown in the attached diagram.  You can simply use your hand to draw the lines or you can also use a quartz point, Vogel or another type of wand to help to connect the crystals to each other and to harmonize with your intention.   Draw 18 lines between the crystals starting with one crystal on the outside, moving towards the center and then back to the same crystal on the outside.  Then move towards the crystal next to this one and repeat until 18 lines are drawn.   This helps to connect all the crystals together and resonate with your stated intention or Prayer. 

After connecting the crystals, charge the grid by holding your hands (palms facing the grid) with the intention to send energy and intention into the grid.  This puts your energy and intention into the crystal grid and helps to maintain its transmission continuously after you are finished. 

Crystal grids often need “re-charging” and it is helpful to repeat this as many times as you feel guided to do so to assist with the continuous transmission of energy to help manifest your intention. 

Working with crystal grids can be fun and very rewarding. 

I hope this explanation is helpful.  


Setting up a Crystal Grid



Connecting your Crystals in a Grid



Written by Shawn Adler - December 9, 2006