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Subject: Healing Crystals
From:    Tomas
Date:    Fri, February 13, 2009 6:38 pm

Hiya Judy,

I hope this finds you having a great weekend!

My second order from Healing Crystals came several days ago and everything
in it is exactly as described on the website. I'm very pleased with it and
wanted to let you know. Next months wish list is growing longer and that is
a good thing! The amethyst set of sacred geometry platonic solids is very
nice and in March I'm going to order the clear quartz set and possibly a
rose quartz set too.

When I find something that I think is worth sharing with other like minded
folks, I always share. At my Yahoo group, SoulDiscoveryThruReiki,
*<--shameless promotion here  * we have a links folder and I've added a link
to your site along with a short description and my recommendations.
Sometime in the next few days I'll post to the group about the clearing
music available on the site and my own experiences with it and point them to
the link. I also sent it (link) and good words about to
several members and some of my mods who use rocks and crystals in their
workings. A few of us have gifted each other with crystals occasionally and
we continue to do so, quite a few of which are bought on the internet so
perhaps some of them will come from you. Another Yahoo group that I visit
often but rarely post to
(CrystalHealing-workshop) is aimed at
the metaphysical uses of rocks and crystals and I'll be sure to post a link
to you whenever I can. The group is owned by Peggy Jentoft and strictly
commercial postings are discouraged but often links can be introduced if
they pertain to an ongoing discussion. Another thought here is if you'd wish
to use all or part of this email on the web for a testimonial, please feel
free to do so.

One last comment for you. The prayer printed on the 'thank you' page is
beautiful for both the simple yet eloquent words and the wonderfully warm
feeling that comes with reading it, which no doubt comes from the warm
energy of everyone connected with Healing Crystals. Thank you!!!

In Love and Light...


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