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From: mary 
Sent: Sunday, January 18, 2009 11:04 AM
Subject: crystals for sleeping

I have combined pietersite and Iolite in a necklace (it's like a locket and
I carry the stones inside it).
I thought their properties would be helpful during a difficult time (job
loss, lack of direction, spiritual confusion).
However, as soon as I did, I began to have the strangest dreams........very
vivid and disturbing.

Is this a coincidence or is this a bad stone combination?

~ mr


Hi Mary,

Thanks for your inquiry.  When our lives are in lots of flux, we process out the stress and anxiety through the dream state.  Pietersite grounds you to your etheric body and facilitates spiritual, shamanic journeys.  It also stimulates the third eye.  So no wonder you're experiencing strange dreams!  I wouldn't call it a "bad" combination, but with where you are in life, I think more grounding, soothing, stress releasing stones would be better for you.  Here's what I'd recommend:

Green Tourmaline aids sleep and calms the mind.

Howlite calms the mind and aids in sleep and meditation.

Chalcedony - absorbs and dissapates negative thoughts, emotions and eases disruptive dream states.

Pink Calcite - Relieves tension and anxiety and prevents nightmares.

Much love to you on your healing journey,

Posted on January 21, 2009

  Hi my mum is terminally ill and some of her medication is causing her to have powerful but very disturbing and vivid dreams. Are there any particular crystals which could help her?  (Submitted by: angelheart on May 03, 2010)

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