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Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2008 1:41 PM

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Hi. I have a friend who just learned she has breast cancer. For now, I would like to get her crystals for the panic attacks she is having at night along with one that will help her accept support and love (she is very strong and usually handles things on her own) while she goes through this. I was thinking of a rose quartz wand for the panic and hiddenite for accepting support. Do you agree with that or would you recommend something different. Thank you so much! I want to get these to her as soon as possible.


Greetings Kimberly,

How wonderful that you are supporting your friend in this challenge. I believe the crystals you have selected are lovely choices for this purpose. Knowing your friend as you do, and using your intuition to choose your healing tools is always a perfect start.

I love the combination of pink and green you have chosen! Another suggestion along those lines would be a combination of Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine. This combination will open the heart, allowing it to accept support and love from others, as well as herself. It will also ease those panic attacks, bringing a loving calm to both heart and head.

Some other stones you may want to consider for calming and soothing would be Lithium in Quartz, Blue Lace Agate, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Calcite or Angelite. These stones will assist in all types of anxiety issues as well. In fact, you could build a healing grid for your friend using some of these stones or suggest she place them under a pillow when she sleeps, to soothe her worries.

A few recommendations to assist with the challenge of Cancer would include Bloodstone, Malachite, and/or Sugilite.

Bloodstone is wonderful for removing all types of toxins from the body. It is a powerful healer of tumors, the lymph system and the metabolic system. Bloodstone is said to keep out undesirable influences (within or outside of the body).

Malachite is a stone of  purification, healing dreams, and drawing out negative energies. It is a stone of protection, offering its energy of balance, healing and positive transformation to the wearer, assisting when one faces changing or challenging situations .

Sugilite benefits those who are faced with cancer as it will gently release the emotional turmoil and feelings of despair. Sugilite also brings in the violet ray of healing and unconditional love. Sugilite will direct its energy to the area that needs healing and will remove those energy blockages. Sugilite also beings a sense of peace and relaxation to the holder. The energy of Sugilite is highly recommended as a support stone during this challenge.

Dioptase is very healing of both mind and body. It is highly effective in removing negativity, stress, tension and toxins.

A combination of Red Aventurine, Dioptase and Malachite, used together also have healing benefits when facing Cancer.

I would also like to recommend some other articles here at Healing Crystals that may be of benefit.

I must share with you the disclaimer that the information shared here is not to be taken as medical advice. It is offered for informational purposes only - we do not promise any results.

We will keep you and your friend in our thoughts and prayers.

Love and Harmony,

Kristi Huggins

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