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Articles Comments for:   Crystals Keeping You Up At Night?

  Over the past six months, I have purchased several laser crystals (for grids) and larger (6" x 6" or larger) crystals and stones because they 'reached out to me.'

They are located in my sitting room (not my sleeping room). I lay out my healing grids on top of copper sheets.

I am experiencing severe insomnia and the startup correlates to purchasing these stones. I have many different large varieties from labradorite, moldavite, Herkimer, angel aura, aqua aura, moonstone, sunstone, angelite, celestite, azurite, kyanite, amazonite, tigers eye, citrine, black tourmaline, various colored calcites, amethyst, pink quartz, malachite, lapis lazuli, aventurine, - the list goes on.

I do not have the sleeping issues when I am at a hotel.

I love my crystals / stones but am suspicious that their energy is contributing to my sleepless nights - and I mean sleepless (less than three hours a night for many months, and the time I am asleep is trance-like).

I can certainly move the crystals to another area in the house, once I purchase protective cabinets. Hopefully it will help. I don't want to give them up - aside from the energy they bring, I find them gorgeous.  (Submitted by: Chooch_07 on October 16, 2016)
  I have my stones all laid out on a table in a pretty pattern that changes daily. As I head to bed I stop in front of the table and get quiet. I wait till I feel compelled to reach out and pick up a stone or two or ten. Then I put those under my pillow. It changes daily how many or what type of stone I use. I have on occasion fallen asleep meditating with a stone and woke up feeling Jangled by the energy. So I know what they are talking about.  (Submitted by: Amy Jo on August 01, 2012)