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    (Submitted by: Crystal on January 15, 2022)
  Teresa- you sound just like me! All the problems I have are seeming to consume me. I'm just learning about crystals & herbal healing powers. I also have anger issues. I'm currently trying rose quartz & may possibly use hemitite for my anger. I wore hemitite rings, but they kept exploding off of my fingers. I've found that jewelry isn't the way for me- but the pouch idea sounds perfect! And I totally agree with Mimi! Practice the self-love first. It makes perfect sense. Also to fix problems one at a time. I also tried healing several issues at once & just became more frustrated. I wish you the best of luck. :) And seeing as this is quite an old topic, I hope you're doing much better by now!

-Kellie  (Submitted by: Kellie Lynn on April 24, 2012)
  Howlite is a really great stone to keep handy for anger issues  (Submitted by: Allison on March 22, 2016)