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  Being new to using Stones/Crystals for healing work, I suppose I have more questions that I just don't know, yet. When I lay with my stones, listening to a Chakra healing instructional with the beautiful sound of a Crystalline Bowl... I am falling asleep for approximately 1 to 3 hours just after the first few Chakras. Past the Solar Plexus I remember nothing. Is there something I can do to stay awake when doing my Chakra work or is this very normal? Also... I am having difficulties with visualization. Maybe I am trying to hard?  (Submitted by: amcinia on April 23, 2010)
  Being new to Healing Chakras with Crystals and Meditation... I have more questions than I know of, I am sure! My biggest question right now is: Every night I lay with my stones listening to a wonderful instruction meditation with the beautiful sound of a crystal singing bowl... I fall asleep for a good 2 to 3 hours and wake up with a very strong urge to urinate. I remember nothing past my first three chakras. Although, yesterday, I did wake up just in time for the (I think) throat, third-eye, and crown instruction. Is my available time to lay with my stones the wrong time for me?  (Submitted by: amcinia on April 22, 2010)
  Good Morning,

Many times, it is good that the body is at rest--amazing healing can take place at that time! It sounds like, to me, that the CD is definitely doing its job. I think it is important that we shed our expectations of what we have been told may happen or what we feel we want to happen, and just step out of the way to allow healing to occur. Just allow. After you wake up or complete the CD, you may want to "check in" with the body. Make notes about how you feel, if there are any areas that feel more energized than others, etc. This will help you to follow your progress as you continue the CD.

As for the time you are working with the CD. Do what feels best for you. Many folks say that first thing in the morning, upon waking is the best time to meditate or do such work. Others prefer the evening when things become more still. Personally? I think you are doing just fine :) Keep up the good work!

with love and crystal blessings,
Kristi  (Submitted by: Kristi on April 23, 2010)
  Thank you so very much Kristi!!! I am surrounded by a lot of very great people right now! I do feel that I am doing great things for myself! And... I actually was able to visualize last night, during my chakra work! :o) Also... my solar plexus chakra FINALLY opened up! YAY! Although I am feeling heavy in the heart the past couple days, not really emotionally... physically. I started placing a bracelet of quartz and tiger eye with a Citrine in the middle and WOW do I get a vibrational reaction! I love IT!!! In fact... the crystal world 'Had me at Hello', with a very large Tiger Eye that just danced on my solar plexus at a Therapeutic Massage session.

With the very warmest regards,
Angela  (Submitted by: amcinia on April 24, 2010)