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Articles Comments for:   Crystals for Cancer

    (Submitted by: Michelle on November 02, 2016)
  Only if done improperly...

IF one is to use malachite in an elixir, it is necessary to first place the stone into a smaller jar and then place that jar into the jar the elixir is being charged in.

You can not use malachite straight in an elixir because it can be extremely toxic...
This is potent medicine and overdose is a potential.

Use with wisdom and care, please.  (Submitted by: RebeccaBlackraven on July 28, 2016)
    (Submitted by: Jeannie on January 23, 2014)
  You can make elixers with those crystals using the indirect method. Just make sure you ask someone who knows what they're doing, or do the research and make it yourself :) The information is easy to find, just make sure it's a legitimate source and look into it properly.

There are lots of stones that can't be made using the direct method, and selenite dissolves in water, so look them up carefully.  (Submitted by: Sweet Dream on November 05, 2012)
  hii i made a gem elixir for cancer, and has been very effective on a breast cancer of a dog. she was very bad, not eating anymore, not walking, and in a few days get alive.
also im using it myself on some brown spots that appear on my head/forehead, and it become more clear and is too much better now, and also some air is appearing.
regeneration of skin is going well.

just ask someone working with crystals to make a gem elixir with some crystals as azurute-malaquite, selenite, moonstone and sugilite  (Submitted by: antonio on May 18, 2012)
  DO NOT drink an elixir made with azurite or malachite it will be POISONOUS.  (Submitted by: Joslyn on August 24, 2012)
  Hi Sharon, do a little research on nutrition eg most cancers need sugar to grow.. also check out life search for articles on your condition, they have upto date medcial research on supplements which really help with cancer and are definatley worth a shot. get better sweetie!  (Submitted by: tammy on November 19, 2010)
  I just discovered your site. I am recently diagnosed with lung cancer - it is treatable (Stage 3). Began Chemo yesterday. I strung malachite beads in circle of 27 around a teardrop pendant of clear quartz. I hung it from loop that keeps right over the lymph nodes in my chest, where the cancer cells are staging for an invasion.
Some friends took my to spring in the woods behind the house where they grew up. I discharged the pendant in the flowing waters of the spring. Then I laid them on an amethyst druse overnight. I put them back on the amethyst for 2-3 hours everyday.
I wanted to charge under the light of the waning moon, but it has been too cloudy.
Does it sound like I have been doing the right thing? (I quit smoking a month ago.)
RhinoMan  (Submitted by: RhinoMan on June 04, 2010)
  Hi Sharon,

I feel for you pain in the confusion with our conventional medical system. My husband was recently diagnosed with a rare form of prostate cancer and we went thru a hell of a roller coaster ride for a month while they tried to figure out what was actually going on. We have not been given a good prognosis so I have turned to nutrition therapy ( juicing and macrobiotics) and I learned Reiki this weekend so I can give him regular treatments. What I learned there was the power of crystals so I will incorporate this into our treatments.

I think this is a great avenue to pursue, I will send you healing thoughts also.

Lynne  (Submitted by: Lynne on May 02, 2010)
  Try Taheebo Tea, otherwise known as Pau D'arco...see articles on the internet on Josip Gabre.

Good luck!  (Submitted by: Sky on March 03, 2010)