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Articles Comments for:  Snowflake Obsidian
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  Snowflake Obsidian changed my life completely.. I am 42 years old and have suffered depression and anxiety my whole life. I started out on a journey two years ago because two people said I am so much more than I know. The Craft is my passion and is what I truly sought out to find.
and after two years and a few people telling me that I have the ability to heal my mind. I found another that finally told me "you have such a bright light inside of you and you hide it, I see that you are on the right path keep following the path."
This not a few days later led me to a wonderful lady that I thought would finally teach me the craft. Little did I know that I had a lot of healing and learning to do before I could even start to learn the craft. She is also a stone expert. She had me get four stones, Snowflake Obsidian being one of them. I am learning so much about myself, Mind, body and spirit during meditation while I hold this stone. It is nothing short of amazing. This stone has started to make me the whole person I never knew I was not. One day I will be able to write a book.  (Submitted by: Laurie on July 06, 2016)
  I wear mine at work in my pocket helps kerp the negative people away, im a loner at work but thats the good part.  (Submitted by: jackie on March 03, 2016)
  This is actually really amazing; I didn't know about all of this!!

I've been doing gem research for character inspiration and am really beginning to want to give this a try, as I'm someone who'd fine this sort of thing really helpful for calming down when I overreact on some thing or the other. What's really caught my interest here, though, is that I used to LOVE snowflake obsidian as a child, to the point it was the only stone I wanted from those little stone-booths at certain stores; you know, the ones with the bags you can fill with gems and such?

But I am a person filled to the brim with negativity, I just try to force it away or eventually drown in it when upset. I would need this balance and cleansing in my life, honestly. So I find it ever so interesting that I used to love it simply for it's appearance (the white snowflakes with the black background was my love) when it was actually revealing so much more about me that I didn't know then.... I think I just might have to make this the first gemstone I get, if I go and give this whole thing a try!!  (Submitted by: Aki on January 23, 2016)
  I love snowflake obsidian but I didn't know that it gets rid of negativity. I think I need to get one for my brother. This also helped me with my report about snowflake obsidian.  (Submitted by: Truenderking on December 02, 2015)
  I just bought this one today  (Submitted by: lucie on May 15, 2014)
  I just ordered a pair of snowflake obsidian gauge earrings. I am glad I read this because I have another piece of snowflake obsidian at home. Its just a chunk of it though. I knew that it was a very protective stone but I did not know it was also for dispelling negative emotions as well as to balance the person. Thank you for posting this it was very informative and helpful!  (Submitted by: Maggi on April 08, 2014)

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