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Articles Comments for:   Stilbite

    (Submitted by: Tanya on August 20, 2013)

Because of its calming, heart-centered energy, STILBITE is wonderful for addressing heart palpitations in these times of our planet's transformation as well as the intensive solar flares and coronal mass ejections that are occurring. As human beings, we are connected to the magnetic vibrations of the Earth like an antenna. Whatever the Earth feels, we also feel. As it turns and wobbles on its axis in preparation one day for a complete polar reversal, our physical, mental and emotional selves are feeling the shifting. Besides the dizziness, fatigue and muscle aches that many people are feeling, some are also experiencing heart palpitations. STILBITE helps to heal this and when placed with RHODOLITE (Red Garnet) and ROSE QUARTZ, the energies of STILBITE are even more enhanced for healing heart issues. A person should always, of course, see his or her physician to make sure that there is no other cause for the palpitations. Even if there is a physical problem, STILBITE helps to heal it while the person may also be taking traditional medication. However, when health problems have been ruled out and people experience palpitations, STILBITE will remedy them. They need to just relax and hold a piece o their heart chakra and breathe deeply. Merely holding it the hand also is very relaxing and centering. May all be blessed!  (Submitted by: Dr. Schavi M. Ali, Ph.D. on July 11, 2013)