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  Whats the best way to cleanse labradorite?


Katie  (Submitted by: kate on June 26, 2010)
  One time I felt a strong vibration from Labordorite when I was sleeping with it in my hand too. I didnt get red and burned but I woke up all of a sudden out of a deep sleep and the vibrations were so strong I had to literally toss the crystal from my hand. I didnt notice any redness nor was my hand burned. It was just very startling. I didnt realize it then but I must have got a good cleanse from the stone. I really love the Labradorite stone and I probably should take Krista's advice and cleanse the ones I have. I do have a couple other stones that I noticed I wasnt feeling any energy from. I will cleanse those too and see if it helps. Carla B  (Submitted by: Carla B on January 06, 2010)