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Articles Comments for:   Crystals for Seniors

  I found the information on all the gems very interesting. I had no idea that some of my gems could be of help to me now. Instead of sitting in a box I shall now bring them out and use them for what they were intended. Especially the ones for sleep, and stress. I look forward to reading more about the gemstones. I came upon your site quite by chance, I am lookin for a gift for my Aunts 85th birthday. And I thought there was a special one for 85. But alas there is not. But it lead it to your site which has made me very happy. So it has been a good search,
Christine  (Submitted by: CJ Lovitt on January 21, 2019)
  Hi there,
I've collected gemstones for years but have not looked into it's many healing properties until lately. This page, I will be visiting often. Last weekend I made some Chakra bracelets and handed them out to people at the Senior Center. I was amazed at the positive feed-back received by two of these people. I volunteer at the Adult Day Care Program in the Senior Center and as you can imagine we deal with many ailments. The most prevalent is Alzheimer’s disease. I will be using some beds mentioned here to make them bracelets, hoping they will wear them daily.

Thank you very much for all your work here.

Joan  (Submitted by: Lydia Joan Croteau on May 24, 2018)
  I think you should add carnelian for death and dying. It has brought much comfort to those I know who have been in that transition.  (Submitted by: Sally on January 08, 2018)