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  That is a beautiful experience! I hope someone does that for you and for me too!  (Submitted by: Spirit Rising on July 11, 2018)
  What an incredible gift you were able to give your sister to support her during her transition!!
I hope that all beings are given the same respect and love during their time of passing from this stage to the next. Love and light to you!! Blessed be!!

A fellow stone/crystal guardian  (Submitted by: Nadine Stone on May 09, 2017)
  I was so touch by your letter to this women about her friend. This is what it is all about helping on another through the good times and the hard times. I sent a pray to the Goddess for help to theses women through there hard times, and to help this lady with her journey to Sunderland.

Blessed Be,

Marjah  (Submitted by: Marjah on November 07, 2013)
  My beautiful sister died of a sudden and terminal cancer 2 months ago, and after a big attendance of family and friends during her final days I was fortunate to be the only person present with her as she passed away in hospital. I didn't know exactly how my crystals could help her but I used them anyway - first Apophylite, placed a few inches above her crown chakra, then her third eye, mouth, neck, heart, navel, & lower abdomen chakras - praying silently that she passed well on her journey. I then repeated the process with Pyrite - fools Gold - to give her the strength to allow herself to transition on to her next path and leave her body when she was ready. She passed away about an hour away later. The medical staff had believed that she would have passed away much later in the day, however the crystals & my loving prayers for her definitely reassured her soul to have the strength to let go of her body sooner rather than later. Her spirit left her body several times during her final days and returned again, but she finally left after the crystal therapy in a great rush of energy through her crown chakra. It was the greatest gift I could have given her and she waited for us to be alone for this. I have always collected stones all my life without knowing why, but recent years of travel around the world have led me to this important task. I carry black tourmaline with me for protection and connection with my lovely sister. I dressed several crystals around her body the day before she was buried - a black tourmaline crystal in a sliver pendant around her neck, purple amethysts, her own quartz love heart, Suglite and Dalmatian Jasper stones around her head to give her joy in her new life. I hope that someone will be able to do this for me as I transition, when my time comes.  (Submitted by: Nicholas on February 10, 2016)