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Articles Comments for:   Epidote

    (Submitted by: Janet Miller on March 14, 2018)
  wow the person who gave me this stone reall knew what i needed according to your article i was searching and so glad i found this cause it will be by me always thanks for letting me know about it your article was very informative thanks alot  (Submitted by: lydia on May 17, 2010)
  lydia, There will come a time when this stone will fulfill its needs with you. It will find its way to someone else who needs it when that time arrive. It means you are healed or someone else needs it more than you.
Keep an eye out for symptoms of other spiritual growth. For instant I feel 3 times within a week. Just took a dive on the pavement. Once while running with no obstruction in my path another while climbing stairs. These are surely signs when they arrive in 3's the universe is attempting to get a message to me asap!! each time same knee gets a new knick, I attend to, new scab. Not a big deal the first 2 time just knicked knee. the last time and this time the same angle twisted about. The last and 3rd time making a sprain. I looked up sprain to get the crystals and moreover the spiritual reason for my growth in this area.. I got the message. The universe and our divineness is working with us constantly.

For those of us interested to heal or are healers or is the case for me. Search Patricia Cota Robles... google, you tube. I mediate always but when I recently found her through the universe introducing her by an email and I felt the need to open it.. as were all connected. It couldnt be more perfect. The violet light involke meditation healed my spirit body and human body. This coupled with crystals changed the energy around me to truth.  (Submitted by: Healer Healed on April 18, 2012)