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  The first time I ever held a crystal, I got this weird feeling. It's hard to describe but I was feeling.. free?
I got really dizzy and lightheaded so I put it down. The same thing happened with the second and third crystal, but after a while it was gone. I rarely get this feeling anymore but I thought it was really weird.  (Submitted by: Mary on October 20, 2021)
  the very first time I held Moldavite I was expecting this rush of tingles & energy, I was disappointed lol but as I played with it more & more I was eventually overwhelmed with a feeling of ... (it's hard to describe) ... flying? connected? open? so many different emotions, senses & tidbits of knowledge. This all sounds wonderful, yet it happened so unexpectedly & so fast that some of what went through me is lost to my memory ... well maybe not lost, just hidden. The point is, I handled this crystal several times & got nothing then one day it was everything. I haven't had any dizziness or nausea with chakra bracelets or necklaces but when trying a new crystal I like to just sit it beside me, or carry it in my pocket before handling it at great length. Stephanie has it so right when she says that we all react differently. It's all about what feels right for you, what crystals are you drawn to. I was lucky enough to start off with low vibration soothing stones & working my way up (although I was not aware that was what I was doing) I just went where my intuition told me to go. I hope this explains some of how crystals work & helps you on your crystal journey. blessings to you Chrissie  (Submitted by: Christine H on September 15, 2013)
  I rarely have strong reactions to crystals, just a gradual change in emotions, etc. However, with my 1st moldavite I became extremely dizzy and nauseous after wearing it in the 1st hour and it took about a week to acclimate myself to it. I just got a green opal and had a very similar experience. Crystals are truly amazing and I'm so thankful to have them in my life!  (Submitted by: Cynthia on February 22, 2020)