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Crystals and the Tarot: An Energetic Partnership

By Tara Mideaker


All of us are seekers of knowledge and are constantly looking within and without to find answers.  While some look for guidance from outside forces, I believe that the answer to every question from why we are here to which dress I should buy can be found within ourselves.  That's right...we already have all of the answers but they've been hidden from us and forgotten through time and trial and all the stuff that goes with living our earthly life.  Being the constant seeker, we have developed different tools to help us uncover this lost knowledge and among those are the Tarot Cards.

If you are not familiar, the Tarot is a deck of 78 cards with various images that is divided by the Major and Minor Arcana, suits and numbers.  Created in the 15th century as a game (see what happens when there is no television), it later became used for magical and divinatory purposes.  While similar, the Tarot really stands apart from Oracle Cards because of its history, size, and a perceived darkness that many find disturbing.  As a result, those who regularly use Oracle Cards to gain insight and positive affirmations might never use the Tarot for a similar purpose.  I think they are missing out because the Tarot is neither as complicated nor as dark as it may seem.  Personally, I find the Tarot a little more truthful - maybe a little more insightful - than some Oracle Cards.  In particular, the Tarot can give you valuable insight into all of the particular energies at work regarding your query.  The Tarot will tell a detailed story of your journey with a beginning, middle, and an end.  And if you don't like how the journey is going....the cards will point you in the right direction to change your story.

Since Crystals are such an effective catalyst when working with energy, they are the perfect partner for the Tarot.  I believe that the right Crystal/Tarot combination will ignite the energy surrounding the story and together act as an ally on your journey. Since both are tools with endless potential to enlighten, transform and yes, even heal, let's see how their partnership can work for you.  

Clear Quartzwill effectively clear out all of the old energy by simply placing the crystal on top of your deck.  This is important since you don't want your readings to be muddied by past energy and patterns.  Even better, store your cards with Clear Quartz.  Just be sure to clean your crystal frequently of the absorbed energy.  The entire Quartz family (Amethyst, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz, etc.) is a natural partner with the Tarot since they amplify the positive energy and protect against the negative.

Calcite will aid you with understanding and analyzing what the cards want you to know.  Most importantly, it will help you to remember and mentally accept those messages that are unpleasant.  Similar to Quartz, Calcite is an excellent agent to clear, amplify and neutralize energy.  I personally store my cards with an Optical Calcite.

Sodalite is one of my favorite stones to use with the Tarot.  The Tarot is an image-based tool that often works best when you just look at the picture on the card and let it speak to you.  Sodalite helps us to really see the patterns and details in those images and clearly determine the message they have for you.  I like to think of this stone as "The Illuminator" because when I am confused or just not getting it, I'll hold the Sodalite in my hand, look again and the message is crystal clear!

Stilbite is excellent to use as a bridge between the physical "seeing" of the cards to the metaphysical "feeling" them.  The Tarot images are meant to be archetypes of persons, places and situations that all of us encounter throughout our journey. While we all may "see" the same image, that image is going to resonate within each of us in a unique way and that "feeling" is key to uncovering our personal message.

Mookaite helps us to remain objective in our analysis and make the best possible choices based on that objectivity - often the most challenging part of working with the Tarot. 

As with pretty much everything in life, when seeking your best Crystal/Tarot combination you should always go with what feels best for you.  Experiment and have fun with different combinations as you let your story unfold and remember to enjoy the journey!

Posted on February 03, 2016

  Awesome Thank you so so much, I bought a Tarot deck and still new. This information helps me alot although I need a few crystals. I pray that God opens my path and give me clear guidance through my cards. I absolely Love your teachings and knowledge of crystals, I learn alot from Healing Crystals. Thank you for blessing me with insight _3  (Submitted by: Leonora on December 22, 2016)
  Thanks for the wonderful article. I use crystals daily, but now I will use with Tarot. I do both Tarot and Oracle readings . I also agree Tarot is not Dark, and is much more detailed  (Submitted by: Karen Anne on October 27, 2016)
  I've been using crystals and tarot together for many years . They work with each other wonderfully . There's always at least 3 crystals with my cards .  (Submitted by: Jason S on March 06, 2012)
  I'm just getting into Tarot card reading and this is the first information I found about crystals that compliment entire decks not just a particular card. Thanks for the great suggestions. I'll definitely add these crystals to my future readings.  (Submitted by: Diana in VA on March 03, 2012)

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