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*2014* Moon Forecast:  The Moons of July

By Tara Mideaker 

As July begins you find yourself at the midway of 2014.  The first half of your year is done and the rest is about to begin.  So what is your best move right now?  Take a break!  On any journey you want to give yourself time to relax, reflect and rejuvenate before you continue.  For many of us it can be hard to remember that this isn’t a race where you need to keep rushing ahead until it is done. It is an adventure that is meant to be enjoyed.  You want to take in the scenery and savor your experiences. What could be a better month for a break than July?  July is a time of vacations for a reason and, if you cannot take a physical one, then at least give yourself a mental and spiritual one.  Give yourself permission to unwind now and you will see the benefits once the pace picks up again.  For now sit back, breathe and let’s see how the Moons of July will support your “intermission”. 

The New Moon in Cancer on June 27th will be the perfect time to start slowing down and finding ways to relax.  This energy will encourage you to ask yourself what matters the most and teach you how to focus on that and let the rest go.  It will become very evident right now if you are involved in any situations or pursuits that are not aligned with your soul’s purpose.  Listen to your head and your heart because they will lead you in the best direction.   The Moon is at home in Cancer and it wants us to feel that same comfort. Your senses will be especially lively under this influence, so if you feel as if something is wrong you will likely be right.  Use Sunstone to let the energy flow through you and provide valuable flashes of insight.  Peach Quartz gives you the peace of mind and feeling of “coming home” that you need to relax. 

The First Quarter is in congenial Libra on July 5th, so expect an emphasis on what is right and fair.  Libra energy drives us to seek harmony and to find creative ways to achieve it in our lives.  The influence of the Moon will direct your focus inward and help you to resolve any feelings of injustice that you have been harboring.  You will have a chance to let go of those instances where you were wronged – or perhaps you wronged another – and release yourself from the harm of painful memories.  What is done is done and it is time to move forward.  You will see the value in the “here and now” and the beginnings of some very good things in your life.  Ruby in Kyanite will help you clear your head and your heart of anything causing an imbalance. Tourmalated Quartz allows you to move forward from a position of strength that is free of past injustices. 

You may feel the need to take a serious pause on July 12th when the first Full Moon arrives in Capricorn.  In many ways, a Capricorn Moon is the ideal Full Moon since the Full Moon exudes the energy of completion and disciplined Capricorn loves to finish a job!  This is the perfect time to plan and organize.  As a matter of fact, without even meaning to, you will likely find yourself devising all kinds of schemes. It is simply the nature of Capricorn to be practical and ordered even while relaxing and having fun.  Actually, plans are fun for Capricorn – especially when they succeed – so here is the opportunity to put together the perfect plan and enjoy yourself along the way.  Brown Aventurine will show you what can be brought to closure now and help you to successfully wrap it up.  Banded Amethyst will compliment your introspective work and enhance all mental activity. 

The Last Quarter Moon on July 19th in enduring Taurus will bring you the perfect energy to wrap up the month in a happy and healthy way. A Taurus Moon gives you the gift of patience and confidence in the inevitable achievement of your goals.  You know what you are working towards and know that you will get there.  So what's the rush?  Use this time to enjoy the ride and not stress about timelines and schedules.  A Taurus Moon can make it easy to achieve that tranquil state of knowing that everything is OK.  Heliodor promotes perseverance and will enhance your already powerful will to succeed.  Aqua Aura will invigorate your intuition and help you discern when to wait and when to strike. 

Have a happy and joyful July and be sure to check back next month to learn about the spirited Moon energy for August.

Posted on June 26, 2014

  the in depth description of the moon cycle! Look forward to next months newsletter. Love & light to you  (Submitted by: Tanya on July 11, 2014)
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  Thanks so much for your news letter....looking forward to your next one. Blessings  (Submitted by: Ladygator on June 27, 2014)
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