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From: Mary
Sent: Friday, May 01, 2009 4:20 PM
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I'm wondering what you could recommend for me. I absorb alot of energy and
my husband, who is generally negative anyway, is going through a really
awful time at work again. This has been a problem at his work for 15 years
and it is getting worse. I'm looking for something I can wear to help
prevent me from absorbing his negativity and anger. He doesn't take it all
out on me, but the anger and bad mood is always just there and I pick it up.
It makes me depressed, anxous and apprehensive. The books offer so much info
that its overwhelming to figure out which would be best, since the book
recommendations are more vaque.

Thank you!


Hi Mary,

Thank you for your question about how to not absorb negative
energy.  This is a common theme right now in our culture and it's
important to cultivate energetic protection.

Here are some good stones for negativity:

Amber - removes negativity

Amethyst - dissolves anger and removes negative thoughts

Pink Kunzite - dispels negativity and good for emotional stress

Rose Quartz - gently removes negative energy and replaces it with
loving vibrations.

Black Tourmaline - protects against negative energies of all kinds.

This is just a suggestion - you may want to clear and grid your house
with Rose quartz or Amethyst and wear a necklace of either Black
Tourmaline, Rose Quartz or Kunzite. Or,you may want to purchase a few
of the tumbled stones first and try them out by wearing them in a
pouch around your neck so see how they work for you.

Here's some information on how to program your crystals and how to
create a grid in your home.

Much love and light to you and your husband,

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  Healing crystal and tourmaline.  (Submitted by: reginald on January 25, 2014)
  I'm in! Making sense to me today (maybe not 6 months or a year ago or more).
Somethings in creation must be there to assist us in our time of need.
Having something physical to use/place on me seems right....

With appreciation and much gratitude for this entry.....
Elan  (Submitted by: Elan on August 11, 2013)
  I have too have just stumbled across this! I have now put Rose quartz, Amber and Amethyst in my pocket, and am ready for the day. Thanks :)  (Submitted by: Rachel on May 14, 2012)
  I just came across this and it seems very helpful and I have most of those stones so ill have to try t
his out!  (Submitted by: Breanna on January 29, 2012)
  I just got Onyx and Amethyst will soon get Fluorite necklaces to help me out through out my day.  (Submitted by: Diane Ten on December 19, 2015)

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