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One of the most beautiful and useful ways to use crystal healing energy is the crystal grid. Grids are made by combining the energy of more than one crystal (usually in a geometric pattern) and setting an intention for the energy of that grid to be sent to a person, situation, or place in need of healing crystal energy.

Start with a center piece - any crystal will do. Towers or clusters are my favorites, but any crystal will work! You can set that on flat crystal, hang another crystal on the center for the simplest grid, or build out in patterns from there. You can really use just about any type of crystals in your grid. Symmetry and balance are traditional, but not required for grids. Think of bicycle spokes coming out from the center in multiples of 3-6 spokes, or even more. Intuition is your guide! Some people like to place grids on existing paper patterns like mandalas, while others just let their creative side loose and create their own patterns.

To send energy to a specific place or person, think of the spokes of your grids pointing inward towards the center to fill a space with crystal energy. To send it out in general, pointing the spokes outward is helpful. Once your grid is assembled, energize it (some people say daily; I say it depends on how the grid feels to you) by using a wand or your hand to draw invisible lines of light that connect the grid crystals to each other.  You can repeat your pattern several times in a row to give it a good charge, or go one time slowly and deliberately. Experiment until you find what works for you.

One final thing to remember - if your grid is going to be in place for an extended period of time, you will need to dismantle it and clean your crystals about once a week, then re-set and re-charge the grid to maintain its effectiveness. So go ahead - grab some crystals and let your imagination and creativity be your guides as you discover the healing and meditative tool known as “crystal grids”. And, if you're still nervous about picking out the right crystals for your intention, you can always start with one of our crystal grid kits.

Crystal Grid for Confidence

When creating a crystal grid, the points of your crystals should face inward to draw energy in and outward when your goal is to send the healing energy out. If the crystals do not contain points, simply use your intention when placing them.


Article by Debbie Elaine

Posted on September 15, 2013

  Helpful  (Submitted by: Susie on December 09, 2015)
  Thank you! I am excited to try and be creative!  (Submitted by: Donna on December 08, 2015)
  This was very well explained.Thank You!  (Submitted by: Barb on March 25, 2015)
    (Submitted by: willow wisp on May 18, 2014)
  Beautiful layout - thanks for posting!  (Submitted by: Fay on April 22, 2014)
  Debbie did a good job of explaining the basic and made it clear the a persons intent is the amplifier and director for the crystal grids energy.  (Submitted by: Allen on February 24, 2014)

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