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-------- Original Message --------
From: Elizabeth 
Subject:  order received
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2009 11:35:18 -0500

Thank you, Judy!

What a very special gift.  We especially appreciate the blessing you take
time to imprint on the crystals before sending them.  I've found so many
sources of crystals and gemstone beads online which provide a wide variety
of material at reasonable prices, but you are the only group I've found
who truly understands the energetic potential of these stones as tools,
and who intentionally clears them and blesses them before sending them
out.   I buy a variety of gemstone beads and natural stones to use as
jewelry, and to give as gifts.  The pieces I make are usually made
intentionally for a specific person, based on their needs, and how
specific stones can interact with their bodies.  I also clear, program,
and bless the piece before giving it or selling it.   As the planet shifts
harmonically, and more and more deposits and crystalline structures within
the Earth activate, I know that more and more people will understand how
to use crystals intentionally to heal and to assist with the shifting.  We
are very glad to have found your group.  I"m looking forward to taking a
look at the web links you sent with the order.  I"m especially interested
in your work with teachers and students.  I taught middle school for many
many years, and have kept crystals on my desk and in the classroom to help
work with the energy of the environment and of the students.  I know it
made a difference, especially with troubled children.

We hope that you and your family are enjoying the holiday season now upon
us.  Thank you again for the gift of your very special gold coupon.  We
look forward to using it soon.


Posted on November 29, 2009
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