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Subject: Re: - Order# 22781
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2010 12:10:13 -0500
From: Doug

I finally got to the making of the Orgone cupcake blaster's.

I took the right sized crystal you sent me. I wrapped them with a coil of clockwise copper, with a wire I took from a burned out motor. It was about 1/8", then it trimmed up a bunch off aluminum, and a copper pipe. I coiled the long strips of copper to make another bigger coil, for the center of the orgone blaster. I placed a larger crystal in each of them, them placed several smaller crystal around that. All crystals wrapped with the 1/8 copper. Then I filled the molds 3/4 full pilled in the aluminum, and copper piece's, and then added the rest ofr the resin, till the cup- cake molds were ready to spill over. I am making twelve of them from this batch.

I would like some larger, NICE, crytals for trade if you would like to do this trade. How many would you like?

I am going to place one by my electrical breaker box, one by my computer, one by the digital TV, and then one4 or so out side, then one in each bedroom.

I have enough crystals to make about 16-18, seeing I am adding about 5-6 crystals per orgone blaster.

They turned out nice. And seeing the construction used. They should have plenty of power.


Posted on April 24, 2010
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