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'The Healing Crystal First Aid Manual: A Practical A to Z of Common Ailments and Illnesses and How They can be Best Treated with Crystal Therapy'

A Book Review by Rachel Niemczyk

Author: Michael Gienger

ISBN 10: 1–84409–084–1

ISBN 13: 978–1–84409–084–6


At a Glance:

This book is a fantastic reference guide for anyone using crystals for their healing properties.  Rather than being organized by crystal, this manual is listed by ailment which makes it easier to find the appropriate crystals for your particular problem. The comprehensive descriptions of common ailments and how to use the appropriate crystals are easy to understand, without any medical or metaphysical jargon. The lack of references to auras, chakras, and other energy healing techniques may be off-putting to those who prefer to integrate several alternative practices, especially because Gienger continually reiterates the need for professional medical advice when necessary. The text-heavy, picture-light format may also intimidate some readers, but the information provided in The Healing Crystal First Aid Manual is highly informative and easy to locate in this particular format. Overall it is a useful guide for beginning and experienced crystal healing users.

In Detail:

Gienger takes a balanced approach between using crystal therapy and professional medical help, stating there are benefits to both; it is up to the user to recognize whether their condition is minor enough to be healed with crystals alone or severe enough that medical treatment should be sought out.  To that end he explains the medical and emotional causes of these problems and advises seeking professional medical help for certain ailments.

The manual itself is divided into three different sections.  Part 1 is a detailed introduction to using crystals for healing.  His practical approach to the history and science of crystal work, combined with straightforward explanations on the various ways to use crystals, provides an excellent foundation for learning about crystals.

Part 2 is the comprehensive list of ailments and crystal treatments. Gienger notes that the treatments are based on practical experience; however, as every person is unique and responds to specific crystals differently, the user’s own judgment should take precedence over Gienger’s own advice.  Each entry follows the format of: common ailment name / description of said ailment / prescribed crystals and methods of application.  Locating the particular ailment you are trying to understand is easy with the list of conditions in the Table of Contents.

Illustrations are sometimes provided to help readers understand more complicated descriptions of how to use the crystals (e.g. positions they should be laid on the body). Occasionally, he will even name a few lifestyle changes (e.g. diet, exercise, de-stressing, etc.) that can also help resolve the problem at hand.  Altogether this is a superb resource with a user-friendly format and easy to understand explanations.

Part 3 can be read on its own, but it mainly expands upon the information previously given. The black and white images of different crystal types (druse, tumbled, etc.) works wonderfully with the colored picture guide of crystals referenced throughout this manual. There are even a few “crystal remedy kit” suggestions for various situations.

Overall, this book is meant to be of assistance for any person who opens it, regardless of previous knowledge.  The language is clear and concise; no medical jargon or metaphysical lingo is present in this book. It may not be worded to comfort and console readers, but it is meant to be used as a tool. The front cover flap opens into a quick summary of crystal usages while the back cover flap opens out into a quick guide of the crystal shapes available so they can be consulted while you learn about the crystals needed for a particular condition. The Healing Crystal First Aid Manual is truly a practical and usable manual.

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Posted on February 18, 2016
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