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The Complete Guide to Manifesting with Crystals

By: Marina Costelloe

ISBN:  978 1 84409 169 0


At a Glance

Ms. Costelloe is very passionate about helping people learn how to manifest, as is evident in her descriptive and personal writing style.  All of the bases about manifesting with crystals are covered, from positive intention and releasing expectations, to which crystals work best for a particular goal.  The wide variety of accessories you can use to manifest along with the crystals are extremely helpful; I think everyone can find something to suit their personal preferences.  It should be noted this is a small book densely packed with information for beginners and advanced users alike, so it is best read from start to finish in small doses.

In Detail

Ms. Costelloe formatted The Complete Guide to Manifesting with Crystals in a building block manner.  Each section, from the introduction onwards, builds upon the previous information.  Consequently, skipping around the different sections is only productive if you are well and truly acquainted with the principles of manifesting.  Otherwise, the results will not be as effective as possible. Positive intention and manifesting have a strong emphasis in this book, as Costelloe takes great care to explain.

Her descriptions are as engaging as a conversation between friends and focused on the metaphysical aspects of manifesting. There is no scientific reasoning or blunt explanation for those who prefer a more straightforward approach.

This book is not meant to help people identify crystals, nor are there crystal images to help users understand the different types of crystals you can use for manifesting. However, considering how valuable the information inside is, people learning about crystals and manifesting for the first time would do well to use another informative book focused on identifying crystals and the different crystal forms available as a complement to this one.

The Complete Guide to Manifesting with Crystals has a very helpful crystal shopping suggestions list. The variety of ways to buy crystals, and important information to know when shopping for them, is fantastic.

Despite the title, which suggests she only teaches how to use crystals, Ms. Costelloe also suggests numerous tools aside from crystals that can be used to aide your manifesting goals. These are complemented wonderfully by the charts spread throughout the book which outline tools and crystals that work best to manifest a specific goal.

To further support your manifesting goals, this book contains sample recipes on what to use and how to manifest for a specific goal - an excellent guide for people learning to manifest.  The author encourages you to use whatever recipe works for you and tweak it to your needs. They are just suggestions to get you started on your goals.

The “Warnings” section which concludes this book is not as scary as it sounds.  Some of the information is common sense (e.g., do not leave candles unattended) but it also names crystals which should not be combined with other elements or handled with more care than usual. This brief section is an important section to read.

Overall, The Complete Guide to Manifesting with Crystals is an excellent guide to manifesting in general and has more tools and suggestions than the title alone implies. It is very thorough when describing the processes involved in manifesting and an excellent resource for any crystal library.


By Rachel Niemczyk

Healing Crystals Expert

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Posted on December 31, 2016

    (Submitted by: PRITI CHIPKAR on January 13, 2016)

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