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Subject: Comment from - Discount Prices on Healing Crystals, Minerals & Tumbled Stones
Date: Sun, 07 Feb 2010 12:58:18 -0500
From: Nancy

Hi, Kristi!

I really need to thank you for posting this. This is such an important topic, especially for people who are new to crystals and gemstones.

I was talking to a mineral dealer at a Gem/Mineral show in S. Illinois a couple of years ago. He told me that some dealers take a rock and give it a "New Age" sounding name, thus creating an aura of mystery around it to get people buying it. They create a market and jack up the prices. This was also confirmed to me by one of the Mt. Ida, Arkansas mine owners when I was out there, who also told me about heating and radiating stones to make them more marketable.

I have found that what works best for me is to do some on-line research and learn the geological name of the stones that interest me, if at all possible. MinDat is a great source, although it scoffs at any metaphysical properties given to stones at all. It's purely scientific. Another good scientific source is

If you know the geological name of a gemstone or mineral, you can find out where and how it formed and from what chemicals it was made. Also, it can usually be purchased for a much less expensive price than you would get it if you asked for the "New Age" name. Some dealers take advantage of their customers' lack of knowledge in this area. This is an especially good rule to use if you are buying something on eBay or any source for crystals/minerals/gemstones that you don't personally know. Many of these sellers aren't experts in the field.

Sometimes the stones can actually have this kind of energy, but other times, they can truly be scams. I have found that if I meditate with the stone, I learn what it's purpose to me will be. For example, I have worked with specific forms of Azeztulite and have been taken on amazing journeys. But I have also received pieces of what was called Azeztulite that are just quartz crystal. Azeztulite is an extremely controversial subject. My take is: If you get something out of a stone, work with it. If not, put it on a shelf and admire it's beauty.

Again, thanks for bringing this up. It's something that's going to need to be addressed periodically, I'm sure, because the problem isn't likely to go away any time soon. Honest knowledge, willing passed along, is the most important aspect to learning about any new subject.

Blessings and light,

Posted on February 07, 2010
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