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'Crystal Grids: How and Why They Work: A Science-Based yet Practical Guide'

Book Review by Rachel Niemczyk

Author: Hibiscus Moon

ISBN: 9 781463 729189

At a Glance:

Hibiscus Moon’s Crystal Grids: How and Why They Work is a fantastic introduction to crystal grids. In a short, sweet, and straightforward format, Moon defines grids, gives a brief history of grids, and provides all the information needed to know how to create your own grid. Divided into three separate sections which can be read individually or together, and filled with several illustrations to demonstrate the ideas presented, the organized layout and direct language makes an ideal “textbook” to learn from. Readers should be aware that Moon has a strong scientific basis for her book and supports the ideas presented with scientific facts (and sometimes jargon) which can distance readers who prefer a more spiritually based or embellished style. Additionally, she focuses on grids and grid patterns more than which crystals to use in them.

In Detail:

Every book has pros and cons, and finding the right book to help you on your crystal grid journey depends on which aspects of the book work best for your personal interests.  Does the book give you a better understanding of why grids work? Would you prefer to have more information on how to make grids? Are the crystal combinations to use in a grid more important than the foundation of crystal grid work for your purposes?  The pros for Moon’s Crystal Grids How and Why They Work outweigh the cons depending on what you are looking for. If you are learning about crystal grids and want a solid foundation on why grids work and how to make your own, this is a great book to aid you with your grid work. However, if you have a distaste for strong scientific core or prefer a more embellished form of prose, this book is not for you.

Although Crystal Grids How and Why They Work is a small book, its size should not fool you; it is packed with information. The book is divided into three sections, the “What,” “Why,” and “How” of crystal grids. Like the subdivision titles suggest, each portion details what crystal grids are, the science behind why they work, and how to make your own, respectively. Every item discussed is explained well enough that a novice can come away from this book understanding grids. This format is especially helpful for people who like to pick up a book and read it throughout the day as each part can be read on its own and is further divided by topic (For example, if you are short on time but have just started reading “Part 3 The How of Crystal Grids,” you can choose to read the few pages on grid “Intention Setting” and leave the longer piece on different “Grid Formations” for a later time).

It is evident that Hibiscus Moon wants to help her audience learn from the additional reviews presented. Each part has wonderful illustrations to help you visualize the concepts Moon is trying to impart. This includes illustrations for scientific concepts, grid formations, and natural grids (such as the human body). She frequently suggests that the audience refer to her Resources page to learn more about a topic she may not have expanded upon enough for their taste. Moon also includes a Crystal Grid Worksheet to help the user decide if they have the necessary tools for their crystal grid goal and a Notes section at the back for any adjustments they may want to make. She makes sure readers know her suggestions are just suggestions which can be experimented with and tweaked for personal use.

The important thing to remember with this book is that it focuses on the grids themselves, not the crystals used for grids. To that end the author gives a few suggestions of crystals to use, but highly recommends that each reader use his or her own intuition when choosing crystals.  

Overall, Crystal Grids How and Why They Work is a joy to read if you want to learn about crystal grids. Moon seemingly effortlessly relays detailed and factual information with her own personality and self-deprecating sense of humor. It reads as though you are receiving a personal lesson from a good friend who is obviously passionate about the subject and wants to spread that optimism and joy to others.

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Posted on February 22, 2016
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