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Crystal Enlightenment: The Transforming Properties of Crystals and Healing Stones Volume 1

A Book Review by Rachel Niemczyk

Author: Katrina Raphaell

ISBN: 0–943358–27–2

At a Glance:

Katrina Raphaell’s book is a wonderful introduction to the various uses of crystals. It provides a basic overview of the history and scientific background of crystals, as well as detailed instructions on crystal programming and meditation. The overall style is very flowery and the organization can be confusing; distancing readers with a preference for straightforward narratives or reference style works (i.e. dictionaries and encyclopedias). The lack of pictures and information on mainstream crystals does not make it ideal for identifying crystals or learning about their metaphysical properties, but in conjunction with the previous information it provides a strong basic introduction to what crystals are and can do for a beginner learning about crystals.

In Detail:

Every book has pros and cons and finding the right book to help you on your crystal journey depends on which aspects of the book work best for your personal interests.  Does the book give you a better foundation on crystals in general, from their scientific composition to historical uses? Will it help you identify crystals? Will this book help you learn about crystal metaphysical properties and uses? The pros for Raphaell’s Crystal Enlightenment outweigh the cons, depending on what you are looking for. If you are just beginning to learn about crystals and want a general overview of the history, science, and various uses of crystals this is a great book to aid you on your crystal journey. However, if you want to read a book to help you identify crystals and introduce you to new crystals this book is not for you.

The overarching positive aspect about Crystal Enlightenment is that it lightly touches upon almost everything regarding crystals. It gives a basic introduction to earth science and how crystals are formed. It gives numerous examples of how crystals can be used; from proximity and jewelry to meditation and crystal healing sessions; readers get a sense of how they can use these amazing tools. In greater detail the author covers how crystals have been used historically by ancient civilizations for healing and the positive healing effect they can impart on those open to the possibilities.

All of Raphaell’s instructions are fantastic. She guides you effortlessly through all stages, whether it is for a meditation or how to program a crystal. They leave no doubt about what steps should be taken next and feel as though the author is personally guiding you through the exercises.

Overall, Raphaell’s tone is very sweet and flowery. She uses many words and details to convey messages that could be shortened and takes a very personal approach to the use of crystals. Consequently, Raphaell herself also comes across as very esoteric with her emphasis on the ethereal concepts of this field (healing emotional dis-ease and how crystals were used in Atlantis, for example) more than the scientific background of crystals or the ways they aid in physically healing and supporting the body’s natural health. This style is prevalent throughout the book and may be more difficult for readers who prefer a straightforward approach to read through, but excellent for those who crave a personal touch.

The organization of the book was generally good. The author first introduces the idea of crystals historically and scientifically before explaining to the reader how crystals can be used, the different types of crystal formations available, and the special properties of crystals. She set up a very good foundation, giving bits of knowledge so that the audience can learn more about a specific topic should they choose to do so. Oddly though, there seems to be a discrepancy between the Table of Contents and the corresponding sections in the book. When reading the Table of Contents alone the organization of subsections makes perfect sense, yet when reading the actual content of the book some of the transitions are jarring and seem not to correlate to the previous section.

It was wonderful to see a detailed explanation of the numerous types of Clear Quartz crystals circulating the market (double terminated and record keeper for example) but I would have liked to see this depth and detail in her other crystal sections. Don’t get me wrong, she gives lengthy accounts for crystals. Unfortunately, the type of knowledge given per crystal was not equal. She would focus on the spiritual aspects, chakras it affects, historical uses or healing properties, but she discussed all of this in disproportionate amounts. For example, the entry for Sugilite focuses largely on the spiritual aspects such as imparting wisdom and physical healing such as disease. It briefly mentions chakras and does not mention the historical uses. Yet Peridot’s entry focuses on how beneficial the color is in regards to the chakras, more than the physical and emotional benefits of the crystal. If she had provided equal attention to the historical and metaphysical aspects for the crystals she expands upon, or just the crystals in the quartz family, this book would have been terrific all around.

Crystal Enlightenmentis not a book meant to be picked up and glanced through - it is best understood by reading it all together. Each subsequent section is meant to build upon the previous information for an overarching whole picture about crystals and their uses. Her step by step approach is especially helpful for beginners to the field as she sets a foundation for any future crystal work. With clear descriptions and a personal touch to every word Crystal Enlightenment is a wonderful guide for a person just beginning their crystal journey.

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Posted on February 18, 2016
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