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*Crystal Energy Grid - January *2015*

By Tara Mideaker 

Each month will bring fresh & powerful astrological energies to work with in 2015 and we will offer suggestions to help you create a Crystal Energy Grid to attract and direct those energies.  The "astrological" month begins with the Sun's movement and the New Moon that typically occurs between the 20th and 22nd of each month.  This Grid follows that pattern, but the energies will prevail throughout the month so you can put your personal Grid together at any time.  In other words, don't panic if it's the 6th of the month and you are just beginning to work on your Grid. The energy is still there and just waiting for you to tap into it.  So here are some ideas for the month of January: 


Place a crystal to represent The Sun.  The Sun is the ruler of the galaxy and it is in the sign of Capricorn during January.  This energy is practical, grounding, demanding and goal-driven.  It is the perfect energy to get you started in 2015!  Aragonite will attract the energies of the Sun in Capricorn. (See photo 1) 


Place a crystal to represent the New Moon.  This is your emotional and mental beginning each month and it always matches the Sun sign.  A New Moon in Capricorn can help you figure out how to build what you want and prepare you emotionally to begin your journey.  Chalcopyrite will help you to feel and use the energy of the Capricorn New Moon. (See photo 1) 


Place a crystal to represent the Full Moon.  What is begun at the New Moon matures at the Full Moon and you can see the growth and full potential.  The January Full Moon (1/4/15) is in Cancer and now it is time take responsibility for yourself and your destiny.  Use this energy to either commit wholly or let go.  Remember that "letting go" is not a failure - it is a sign of the maturity you have gained where you can recognize that something is not right for you.  Use Malachite  to feel the energy of the Cancer Full Moon and understand how it can assist you in achieving your goals. (See photo 1) 


 The Quarters of your Grid will represent the significant transits of the month.  When considering the placement on your Grid, remember that the left side is receptive and will open you to new ideas, while the right side is productive and will assist you with putting those ideas into action.  (See photo 2) 

Top Left:  Mars Opposite Jupiter on 1/1/15 is powerful energy for new beginnings.  Expect big ideas and big plans that may at first seem challenging to take from conception to completion.  Moss Agate will help you to adjust your plans and find a way to make things happen.  Everything is possible! 

Top Right:  Mercury Semi-Sextile Neptune on 1/8/15 will inspire you to follow your dreams and offer insight into where and how to take that first step.  Red Tiger Eye will boost your confidence and creativity. 

Bottom Left:  Mars Square Saturn on 1/12/15 will slow down your physical process and give you time to consider what is most important to you.  Scolecite can help you decide what you are willing to accept and what you are ready to fight to change in your life. 

Bottom Right:  Mars Conjunct Neptune on 1/19/15 will have you wanting more and driven to change those things that just are not working for you any longer.  Your approach will be more relaxed and easygoing as you recognize that it isn't a race to the finish.  Fluorite reminds us that you gain so much more by taking your time and enjoying the process.  What's the point if you're not having fun? 

Finish your Grid by surrounding it with crystals to amplify the energies.  Garnet is a wonderful representation of the overall energies of January since it embodies passion, instinct and willpower.  Try to use at least one Crystal to represent the Month and then any others that with amplify the energies.  I am using Clear Quartz. (See photo 3) 

Remember to clear and charge your Grid periodically throughout the month and to focus on your intentions for the Grid when working on it.  Don't feel limited by the suggestions that are included here - follow your instinct and try different crystals and patterns.  You will notice that this Grid is surrounded by a Cube pattern for grounding, earth energy.  Other crystals that you might like to use for the energies of January are:  Black Agate, Picture Jasper, Antigorite, Garnet, Smokey Quartz, Stibnite, Fossils & Jet

Have a fabulous month and a Happy New Year! 


Posted on December 22, 2014
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