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A Gaia Busy Person’s Guide to Crystals: Simple Routines for Home, Work, & Travel

A Book Review by Rachel Niemczyk

Author: Christina Rodenbeck

ISBN: 1–85675–256–9


At a Glance:

A colorful and easy to understand guide to crystals, this book is an excellent resource for those learning about crystals. The first half of the book contains a variety of knowledge for the crystals including, but not limited to, why crystals work, crystal uses throughout history, how to use crystals, different crystal forms,  how to clean crystals, and a suggested crystal starter collection. The second half of the book contains detailed information on how to use crystals for a variety of situations that arise at home, while working, and while traveling. A Gaia Busy Person’s Guide to Crystals: Simple Routines for Home, Work, & Travel is a fantastically well-rounded guide which enables readers to decide what aspects of crystal work interest them most and move forward from that.

In Detail:

The first notable detail about the book is the variety of colors. Each section is differentiated by soft pastels in yellows, pinks, purples, blues, and greens. I found this very soothing to look at, although the frequency in which the colors change may irritate some readers.

In addition to the colors, the illustrations are fantastic. They clearly demonstrate the idea at hand, whether it is crystal placement for the chakras, or the different ways crystals can be cleansed. It should be noted however, that the illustrations in this book are not meant to be used as a guide to identifying crystals, so people seeking to identify crystals would do best to look for another resource.

Rodenbeck’s tone is friendly, clear, and concise. Throughout the book she encourages readers to use their own intuition and judgment when deciding what crystal and/or method works best for them. Overall, A Gaia Busy Person’s Guide read like a teacher explaining a new concept to the class.

The formatting may take some getting used to, but is very helpful once understood. All of the concepts she explains are simply formatted so readers can choose to read whichever section appeals to them most. There are numerous headings and page color changes denoting a different section which help readers to differentiate one topic from another. Each section will have a portion italicized which acts a side note, giving additional information (like definitions) users might find beneficial to know.

The first half of the book is an extremely well-rounded introduction to crystals. The second half gives specific suggestions on how to use crystals at home, work, or while traveling. Overall, this combination is superb for people just beginning on their crystal journey and a delightful resource for those well on their crystal path. If a person could only have one crystal book to guide them A Gaia Busy Person’s Guide to Crystals: Simple Routines for Home, Work, & Travel is a considerable contender for that role, and certainly one of the few I would want to help me personally.

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Posted on February 18, 2016

    (Submitted by: Janetm on March 17, 2016)

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