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*2014* Moon Forecast:  The Moons of September

By Tara Mideaker 

September is a month that seems to naturally resonate with getting back to work. It may be a sensory instinct rather than an actual requirement, but since many of us have the opportunity for a more relaxed schedule in June, July & August, we have to come to view September as the kick-off to get back into action with school, career, and other more serious pursuits. Even if September is just business as usual for you, this is an excellent time to get back to the business of realizing what you want and how you are going to get it.  If things aren’t progressing as you had hoped or the results just aren’t there, then now is when you want to work on refinements and adjustments that will take you where you want to be. The Moons of September will be your allies as you rededicate yourself to your goals, so let's see what energies you will have to support your efforts. 

Our New Moon on August 25th begins its journey in extroverted Leo but quickly moves into the serious, focused energy of Virgo – yet another sign that we are evolving towards more enterprising tasks.   Virgo thrives on accomplishments, so you want to consider what you have done and what you hope to finish, because this energy will help you to get there quickly and efficiently.  If you have doubts or fears about your ability to reach a goal, then you want to look back to previous accomplishments for a boost of courage.  Remember how scary those were and still you ruled the day!  If you have felt stuck or just worn out from efforts that are not yielding results, this is the perfect time to see things in a new way.  If you have given up on a previous goa, you want to revisit it because now you could have the answers to get past those blockages. Maybe you have a new idea that you haven’t quite gotten started and here is your moment.   All New Moons bring the opportunity for renewal and, as September approaches this Virgo energy, it is just what you need to get unstuck and motivated to make things happen. Ruby will activate and energize your confidence. Botswana Agate will help you realize you have what it takes to succeed. 

So now that you are on the move, here comes the First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius on September 2nd.   There isn’t a more optimistic sign in the galaxy than Sagittarius, so this energy can take you to the next level of your journey.  Ask yourself how confident are you about your goals and your ability to reach them?  If you aren’t feeling encouraged then use this energy to regroup and devise a new plan – or even a new goal!  Sagittarius can be idealistic and even a little unrealistic but maybe that is exactly what you need to imagine all of the possibilities.  Imagination and a positive attitude are crucial elements to success and there will be plenty in the atmosphere if you need it.  Why not reach for the just might get there!  Carry Rainbow Moonstone as a reminder that everything is possible.  It all begins in your mind, so use Sapphire for an inventive and expectant strategy.  

Expect a mix of powerful energies at this month’s Full Moon on September 8th.  The cycles typically take 3 days, so it often begins in one sign and ends in another.  A Pisces Full Moon will reveal your dreams (including those that have been hidden), and encourage you to do something about them.  Either you can see how to make them come true or realize it is time to let them go so that new ones can move in.  Either way, this is the energy of a beginning and Aries will pick it up and help you to carry it forward once the Full Moon slips into the first sign of the Zodiac.  You could have a revelation of how attainable your dream is and feel empowered to follow the energy to a very happy conclusion.  A Full Moon is all about closure and it is always a good time to clear away things that are no longer useful, but you want to be cautious when working with the Aries energy.  You may feel impatient and driven to let things go before you are ready.  Black Obsidian will help you discern if the actions you are taking are truly in your best interest.  Malachite will help you combine your inner strength and outer resources for the most powerful and progressive actions. 

The Last Quarter on September 15th will have you considering how you feel about your progress since the beginning of the cycle at the New Moon.  This Cancer Moon will direct your reflections toward your emotional stability and comfort levels.  Are you comfortable with the growth that you have experienced during September?  If the answer is not positive, then you can use this energy to gently uncover what is lacking and figure out how to attain it.  We often use Cancer energy to care for others but now is a good time to use it to nurture yourself.  Perhaps you went too fast and are feeling overwhelmed or believe you let opportunities slip past you and are feeling regretful.   You can use this energy to reveal whatever isn't right and figure out how to fix it....because it can be fixed and you have the know-how and resources to do it!  Just beware of any urges to wallow in self-pity. Use Aquamarine for productive reflections that end with positive future plans.  If you are happier now, then take the time to celebrate and use Rose Quartz to relax and enjoy the moment. 

October will start the last quarter of 2014 with some powerful Eclipses, so check back next month to find out more.

Posted on August 25, 2014
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