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*2014* Moon Forecast:  The Moons of October

By Tara Mideaker 

So now that the hectic pace of September has become routine, the October Moons are going to ask you to pause and think before you continue onward.  It is the last quarter of 2014 and now is your best chance to take time for consideration before you are off and running headlong into 2015.  One of the Moon’s most important roles is to help us build a relationship with our inner selves.  Your outer self is ruled by the Sun and that is the person who is going to work, doing the laundry, getting the kids to school and doing all of the other routines that we perform each and every day.  That takes a lot of time and energy so there often isn’t much left for your inner being with its thoughts, feelings and dreams to get the attention that it deserves. You want to use the phases of the Moon to give yourself that invaluable time and now is the best time to start.  By giving your inner being equal time to your outer self, you will create a personal balance that can resonate contentment and abundance in all areas of your life.  Everything good in your life will begin and end with you, so do this for yourself and here is how the Moons in October can help. 

The New Moon on September 24th kicks off the new season.  This Libra Moon follows the Autumnal Equinox, a time when the Earth is in perfect physical balance, and it will bring you the opportunity to create a similar moment for yourself.  You want to look at where you could use some balance and ask yourself what it will take to get there.  It may require cooperation, compromise and alliances with other people, organizations or even yourself!  Consider what you have to work with, what you need to add and what needs to go, in order for you to feel more balance in your life.  The New Moon is always one of your best opportunities to discover something new that you have to work with -- whether it is an unrealized inner strength, a current resource that you might have undervalued or perhaps you recognize hidden potential in something that has recently come into your life.  The Universe is ready to help you find what you need – but first you need to realize just what that is and Lepidolite will help you relax and receive those insights.  Carnelian will encourage you to actively pursue things and activities that will bring you more balance. 

It’s a Capricorn Moon for the 1st Quarter phase on October 1st and it is time to be practical and organized.  A Capricorn Moon will help you develop the structure that you need to achieve your goals and desires.  It will help you set boundaries that give you the support that you need and meet responsibilities on your own terms.  Think of Capricorn as a self-management tool that allows you to set your personal expectations and makes it easier to stick to your time schedule.  Consider that this is traditionally a time of preparation for the coming winter months when resources are scarce.  Of course we don’t have that worry in our modern world, but it is still a good time to gather your supplies to make sure that you have them when needed.  When your moment arrives you want to be prepared and a Capricorn Moon will get you there.  Fancy Jasper is an excellent tool for preparation and organization.  Serpentine will keep you in an abundant frame of mind so that you can find what you need. 

The Full Moon on October 8th will be a Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Aries.  Eclipses can be challenging because they shake things up when it’s natural to prefer the calm of the status quo.  Eclipses usually show up when the existing condition just isn’t working anymore and, while things always work out for the best, it can be a rough ride to get there.  The good news is that this eclipse is going to be different and there is a strong potential to feel all the positive aspects much sooner if not immediately.  You should expect the revelation of what - or better yet who – is hidden within you.  What is it that you don’t like or feel embarrassed about yourself?  What do you think others won’t be able to accept?  What parts of yourself have you been keeping in the dark? If the answers have been keeping you standing still then be prepared, because this eclipse is going to shake those bonds loose.  You have the Aries energy to help but it may not take as much effort as you think to step away from those restrictions and embrace all aspects of yourself.   Aries is assertive energy and it can give you the push that you need to reveal your hidden self and come out into the light.  It will also help you feel confident that others will be accepting and welcoming once you invite them to meet the real you.  Things could happen quickly though, so pay close attention and be ready to act.  Liberation is at hand and you are going to feel like it cannot come soon enough!  Kyanite will not only assist in the removal of blockages, but also enable you to present your free self to the world in the most positive manner.  Rhodonite spreads love and acceptance through everything. 

The Last Quarter on October 15th falls in the sign of Cancer and brings with it an important question for you to answer…how are you feeling?  You can work with the energy and keep a positive attitude and roll with whatever is thrown at you, but none of it means much if you aren’t feeling comfortable and accomplished.  There has been a lot of energy over the past several weeks and it has given you a lot to consider.  You might have taken steps towards initiating change in your life or you could be in the planning phase.  Perhaps you have realized that you are content with things just as they are and there is no need to do anything but enjoy the ride for now.  Use this energy to ensure that you are feeling happy, because in the end that is what it is all about.  Apatite will keep you feeling positive and confident that you are on the way to where you want to be.  Heliodor helps let you know that you are making all the right moves at the right time for you.

Stay flexible and positive during October and check back to see what November has in store for us! 


Posted on September 24, 2014
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