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*2014* Moon Forecast:  The Moons of November

By Tara Mideaker

You may be feeling restless as the Lunar Cycle for November begins.  The sky has been volatile with eclipses, retrogrades, etc. and that is going to stir things up within you.  November is filled with anticipation and subsequent tension for the holiday rush.  There is a tendency to review your progress - or perceived lack of - as the pressure increases to reach goals before the end of the year.  All of this makes for a complicated month and, since this may be your last moment of peace for a while, the Moons of November are going to help you to appreciate yourself. 

October 23rd brings a New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Scorpio.  A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, casting its shadow and blocking our view of the Sun.  Which sign is better equipped to deal with shadows than Scorpio?  A Scorpio Moon encourages you to explore your inner self and recognize its value to your physical being.  It is an excellent time to discover or perfect psychic powers (we've all got them!) and explore different uses for your unique mental skill set.  It takes a lot of energy to live in this physical world with so many influences that are designed to dominate your focus.  Who has time for contemplation when there is work, travel, family, friends....the internet?  The energy of a Solar Eclipse can "block" those bright, shiny things and allow you privacy to see what tools you have that are hiding in the dark.  It is guaranteed there is some really magical stuff there that is yours alone.  Every New Moon is the beginning of a new cycle and you could begin this one with powerful new tools, so don't waste this opportunity.  Rhodonite encourages deep and purposeful introspection.  Chevron Amethyst will help you avoid the brooding tendencies of a Scorpio Moon.  

This First Quarter in Aquarius on October 31 is a nice compliment to the New Moon in Scorpio.  Now that you have uncovered your gifts, how are you going to use them?  An Aquarius Moon demands change and it will challenge you to be the person that you are rather than the person you think you should be.  The better that you understand yourself the harder it becomes to bow to convention.  You can no longer accept what is and will be driven to explore just how far you can go.  You have the skills, the tools and now the energy to back you as you go full throttle towards what you want. Antigorite will give you a push when you need it and Imperial Topaz keeps you headed towards abundance. 

Taurus knows how to get what it wants, so a Full Moon in this Earth sign on November 6th brings the potential for closure and immense satisfaction.  If you have already taken steps towards something, you will gain momentum and, quite probably, achieve your goal.  Sometimes completion can feel like a letdown, especially if you have been wholly focused on your journey.   A Taurus Moon wants you to appreciate and revel in what you have accomplished.  Take a moment for the changes that you have initiated to take hold and enjoy your successes.  Ruby opens you to new levels of awareness, while Black Obsidian will eliminate unwarranted disappointments. 

The Last Quarter is typically a time of retrospection, but it seems the Universe has decided you have had enough of that for now.  This has been a month filled with inner focused energy and now a Leo Moon comes in with a roar to drive you out and about. The lunar energy that began with the New Moon has been designed to give you a stronger sense of self.   Now you are going to want to show off, enjoy yourself and let others enjoy your company and gifts.  Use Red Tiger Eye for motivation to celebrate. Orange Aventurine keeps you filled with confidence and well-deserved pride. 

Are you ready for the last Full Lunar Cycle of 2014?  Check back next month to see what to expect! 


Posted on October 22, 2014
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