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*2014* Moon Forecast:  The Moons of May

By Tara Mideaker 

Don’t you just love May?  After the volatile climate of April when anything can happen, May comes in like a breath of fresh air – literally!  Spring has finally taken hold and the days are filled with light and warmth.  Just like it’s ruler in the Zodiac, Taurus, May is all about finding pleasure in your surroundings.  Be sure to take the time to indulge your senses and reward yourself with something special.  You know you deserve it, so relax, enjoy and let’s see what you can expect from the Moons of May. 

The New Moon in Taurus on April 29th will be your wake-up call to slow down and enjoy what you have in the here and now.  We all spend so much time working towards our future that we have the tendency to leave things we enjoy for “tomorrow”.  Well “tomorrow” is here today, so put aside your struggles and just enjoy the moment.  And if you are concerned about the impact that giving yourself a break will have on your prospects, don’t be because the overall influence is excellent for long-term gain when it comes to business and personal goals.  The New Moon always produces powerful energy for beginnings. Typically the Taurus atmosphere is not the best to initiate change, but there can be a lot of pleasure to be found in discovering new opportunities, so don’t let the fear of risk keep you from following your bliss.  Chrysocolla will allow you to relax and know that all is as it should be.  Use Rose Quartz to find the pleasure in everything. 

Be sure to wear you sunglasses on May 6th because the First Quarter Moon is in Leo and you will be seeking the spotlight.  Even the shyest among us want to come out to play under a Leo Moon.  Couple the exuberance of Leo with the growth potential of the first quarter and you have an excellent time to introduce your new projects.  Even if you are only in the “I’m thinking about it” phase, you want to take advantage of this energy to gain positive feedback and support.  Plant the seeds now and watch things start to flourish.  Of course Citrine will try to match your exuberance - and will compliment it along the journey!  Sodalite encourages positive and profitable engagements. 

It’s been all fun and games so far this month….and now a Full Moon in Scorpio on May 14th!  A Scorpio Moon is always intense and this is a perfect opportunity to uncover your personal power.  Use this time to dig deep and root out those things that are a disturbance in your life.   Once they have come to light, you will have the ability to rid yourself of any of these things that may be holding you back and make good use of what is left.  You are a dynamic force and a Scorpio Moon can show you how to tap into that energy and put it to work for you.  Heliodor is a powerful tool to eliminate unneeded influences in a gentle manner and Serpentine will attract new and positive things.  

The Last Quarter in Pisces on May 21st will illuminate fantasy and imagination.  While you won't want to face reality and would prefer to buy into any illusions, this is a good time for reflection.  You have a stronger connection to spirit right now and there is the potential for guidance that may seem fanciful now, but could prove useful later.  The Last Quarter is time to see where you've been and consider how it can get you to where you want to be.  Boundaries tend to dissolve under a Pisces Moon and it is possible to blend your past with your present and your ideal future to create a new reality for yourself.  Now that is a proactive use for your imagination, so use Hiddenite to harmoniously discover ways to realize your desires and Celestite to go after what you want - because you can achieve it! 

The sunny days of June are sure to have some interesting Moon energy to work with, so check back next month and have a Happy May!

Posted on April 28, 2014

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