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*2014* Moon Forecast:  The Moons of March

By Tara Mideaker 

Do you know that feeling when you are anticipating something exciting that is coming up soon...very soon...but just not quite soon enough?  That is the madness of March!  You see the spring season ahead with all its promise of growth and expansion and it is hard to contain your exuberance.  Still, you are caught in the languishing atmosphere of the winter that you are so ready to leave behind but can't quite shake off just yet.  And let’s face it; with the extremes of this winter, most of us are already on edge.  It is enough to drive anyone mad.  Fortunately, the Moons of March will provide nurturing and support that can calm your anxieties and help you to ease into the new season.  Relax, work with the energies, and you will be prepared and ready to enjoy all that spring has to offer you.  

The New Moon in Pisces on March 1st is typically when you would want to focus on new endeavors.  This month is a little different, since the potential for new beginnings that the New Moon brings may be diminished due to a few planetary retrogrades over the next few days.  Mars, the planet of action, and Saturn, the planet of discipline, will both fall into retrograde periods in the first week of March.  Those planets directly affect our drive and initiative, so don’t be surprised if you are not feeling ready to take on the world.  Instead use the nostalgic mood of a Pisces Moon to focus on psychic pursuits rather than physical ones.  This is the perfect atmosphere to use and strengthen your powers of imagination and intuition.  Fluorite will stimulate your mind, while Howlite will calm any overactive urges.

The First Quarter Moon on March 8th in Gemini could provide a crucial new perspective for your existing plans.  Take a second look at ideas that you have considered over the past few months.  The dualistic Gemini influence will help you find anything that you might have missed, conjure a more successful strategy, or perhaps decide it isn't the right move for you at all.  You may be struck by the light of day tomorrow when we spring ahead into Daylight Savings Time.  Things always seem different in the light so take that into consideration before finalizing plans.  Carry Sunstone to feel empowered to take necessary steps.  Use Ametrine for guidance and creativity. 

The Full Moon is always a good time for completion and the Virgo Moon on March 16th will place a particular emphasis on your health.  What is unhealthy for you physically, mentally and spiritually?   Perfectionist Virgo can help you to let go of bad habits and/or things that are detracting from your life and making your path harder.  Now is when you want to put a plan into action to eliminate those things that are making your goals more difficult to attain. Accomplishment is important right now, so set a small goal and the empowerment you feel once it’s been attained will drive you to make new choices that will be increasingly more favorable for you.  Sugilite will help you to implement health enhancing improvements.  Iolite lets you recognize the benefit your efforts will have on your life. 

We have a practical Capricorn Moon for the Last Quarter on March 23rd. This is useful energy to reflect upon where you are and what you have...and then use that to propel yourself forward.  If the system you are currently working with is failing you, then this may be the time to let it fall so that you can rebuild.  Spring has arrived, bringing the perfect energies for a new beginning and a Capricorn Moon can show you how to reconfigure what you have to make it sturdier, stronger and more beneficial.  Red Jasper will encourage meaningful and steady progress.  Green Aventurine helps you welcome the new season and the bright energies that it brings with it. 

The April New Moon will be potent with possibilities and arrives early on March 30th.  It, like April, will be a game changer so be prepared to go further that you can imagine!

Posted on February 27, 2014
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