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*2014* Moon Forecast:  The Moons of June

By Tara Mideaker 

June is the month for happy transitions.  As we close in on the midpoint of the year all of us feel the warmth and energy of moving into a positive new phase.  Graduations and weddings are some of the more typical "major" passages that occur this time of year, but there are many universal shifts that we all enjoy.  Daylight rules as the dark of night is naturally pushed back later and later in the day.  For many of us we can finally shed our protective layers and feel more comfortable outside than in.  Nature is finally full awake and lively and beckons all of us to join the party. June is most definitely a vivacious and radiant month that is ruled by the Sun.  But the Moon still has a presence and lots of energy to share.  So let's see how the Moons of June will add to the energy of the brightest month of the year.   

The party starts early once again with a New Moon at the tail end of May on May 28th.  Do you like puzzles?  You will now as the New Moon in Gemini has you feeling restless and curious and ready to find the solution to conundrums that have been plaguing you.   You may find yourself lost in deep thoughts that result in moments of absolute clarity.  Suddenly you get it and you know that you have to do.  The question is, are you prepared to take those steps?  Gemini energy has a reputation for seeking the quickest path to get what it wants without realizing the immense value of the step by step journey.  Take your time and allow yourself to follow the entire process - no matter how long it takes - to achieve the ultimate results.  Golden Tiger Eye will offer insight and balance and is a powerful conduit for positive change.  Angelite will aide in a patient and thoughtful transition from thought to action.

 Analysis and detail rule during the First Quarter Moon in Virgo on June 5th.  The combined energy of meticulous Virgo and the potential for growth of the First Quarter Moon make this an outstanding time to finish what you have begun.  This is the time in the Moon's phase when you are working on bringing life to those ideas that were begun at the New Moon.  You have an extraordinary opportunity for success with the added benefit of Virgo's ability to refine and complete.  Use this energy to tighten your process, fix any flaws and resolve any issues.   Apatite will stimulate your mind and lead you towards healthy actions for optimal results.  Fancy Jasper will illuminate those areas that need attention and give you the focus to adjust and move on. 

On June 12th - 13th we have what may be the most positive Full Moon of the entire year.  In keeping with the sunny disposition of June, the Full Moon in Sagittarius will be filled with optimism and enthusiasm - and it's going to take you along for a glorious ride!  For all of its fun-loving, adventurous nature, Sagittarius is a very cerebral and prophetic sign.  Use this energy to willingly let go of what is working against you and embrace those things that will make you healthy, happy, and whole.  You are reaching the mid-point of 2014 and it is a good time to consider where you are physically, emotionally & spiritually.  Are you where you want to be?  If you are then this energy will keep you moving on the right track.  If not then you have the potential to turn it all around and begin tomorrow with a brighter outlook.  It is all up to you, so use the power of the luckiest sign in the galaxy to be adventurous and dare to live the life that you deserve.  Green Aventurine will infuse this harmonious energy into everything that you do - and it is the stone of Good Luck!  Use Lapis Lazuli to feel the invincible strength of your personal power.  Choose a course and nothing will stop you! 

We end the cycle with the Last Quarter in peaceful Pisces on June 19th.  Well... sometimes a Pisces Moon is not that peaceful, as its nostalgic flair can bring up unwanted memories and feelings of regret.  Those more melancholy aspects of Pisces will be diminished by the overall upbeat atmosphere of late June.  It's only a few days until the longest day of the year, yet there is so much light and warmth that it will be easy to break out of any moody spells.  Make a choice to allow only pleasant thoughts and good feelings and the Pisces Moon will support you.  Moonstone will bring you emotional balance, while Larimar encourages gentle and serene thoughts and feelings. 

The Summer Moons take over in July, so check back next month to see what they have in store for you!

Posted on May 28, 2014

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