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Zodiac Angel Grids

By Tara Mideaker

Spring is the time of physical and spiritual renewal.  The physical evidence of renewal is all around us as the days are brighter and warmer and you see the first buds blossom.  Spiritual renewal can be a little harder to recognize and you may need to put a little effort in to see how you are also blossoming.  By working with Angels and the Zodiac signs, you can learn more about your personal renewal experience. Remember that the Zodiac renews each spring as well, so over the next few days we will talk about the Angels that work with each sign of the Zodiac and the Crystals that will help you to be open to their energy. 

Remember that these do not have to be your sign in order to use them.  The Angels want to help everyone and they just happen to work with the energy of these Astrological signs to do it. Each grid has the crystals and the Healing Crystal card that corresponds to the Angel.  I am also using flowers to bring in the spirit of spring/renewal and something personal that makes me happy (it is an Angel that my son gave me many years ago).  Finally - and you can't see this in the picture but it is very important for the intention of your grid - I have a single word written down and placed beneath the grid.  This word is what I would like the Angel to help me with.  You can come up with your own Intention Word or use the one that I suggested.


Machidiel is the Angel for the sign of Aries.  Machidiel will encourage you to be innovative, keep moving towards your goals and embark on new endeavors.  If you feel like surrender is your only option, ask for Machidiel's help.  Intention Word: Courage.  Crystal: Yellow Jasper.


Asmodel is the Angel for the sign of Taurus. Asmodel wants you to remember to be open to new paths and possibilities because that is the path to abundance. His energy will help you bring new directions and the feeling of prosperity.  Intention Word:  Begin.  Crystal: Green Jade.


Ambriel is the Angel for the sign of Gemini.  Ambriel provides guidance when you feel lost.  He inspires positive and nurturing communications to help you find your way in the world.  Intention Word: Truth.  Crystal: Clear Quartz


Muriel is the Angel for the sign of Cancer.  Muriel will help you to realize your limitless potential.  He assists with the cycles of endings and beginnings.  Intention Word: Harmony.  Crystal:  Snowflake Obsidian

Verchiel is the Angel for the sign of Leo.  Verchiel will open your eyes to the miracles that surround you.  He helps you appreciate and enjoy this life.  Intention Word: Fun.  Crystal: Orange Calcite

Hamaliel is the Angel for the sign of Virgo.  Hamaliel enables you to understand how doing the right thing will take you far.  He can bring stability and help you to find and use logic and order.  Intention Word: Responsible.  Crystal: Malachite

Uriel is the Angel for the sign of Libra.  Uriel is the bringer of light and creativity and he will help you tap into your psychic abilities.  One of his worldly missions is to instill us with a sense of fairness and equality. Intention Word: Peace. Crystal:  Blue Lace Agate

Barbiel is the Angel for the sign of Scorpio.  Barbiel offers support to get through challenges and take care of necessities.  He will keep you safe.  Intention Word: Help.  Crystal: Black Tourmaline


Adnachiel is the Angel for the sign of Sagittarius. Adnachiel let's you be true to yourself and follow your own path. He will show you how to be independent, honest & confident.  Intention Word:  Control.  Crystal: Amethyst

Anael is the Angel for the sign of Capricorn.  Anael will help you to understand and achieve your soul's purpose. He provides strength and perseverance.  Intention Word: Determination.  Crystal:  Turquoise


Gabriel is the Angel for the sign of Aquarius.  Gabriel will show you how to attract only those things that will make you the happiest.  He enhances your intuition and only brings the most positive of messages. Intention Word: Hope.   Crystal: Garnet

Barachiel is the Angel for the sign of Pisces.  Look to Barachiel when you need to find a place of calm.  He will help you to manage the most difficult of situations and offers assistance during struggles.  Intention Word:  Patience.  Crystal: Aquamarine

Posted on April 12, 2014

  Awesome site. I have learned so much  (Submitted by: Betty vohra on August 24, 2016)
  Love your sight always reading it thank you  (Submitted by: shelleyobrown3 on August 14, 2014)

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