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Work and Study Crystals by Zodiac Sign

By Tara Mideaker

“Back to School” is a time of year when we are reminded of the importance of a positive “work” space.  Whether it is at school, work or home, a crystal is a wonderful way to create a space where the energy flows to help you with focus, concentration, retention, creativity and drive.    Here are suggestions for each Zodiac Sign to help you create the perfect proactive work area.

There will be 3 signs posted each day – so if you don't see yours today it is coming up!  And don’t forget to use code HCBACKTOSCHOOL14 to receive a free pencil and rough crystal to energize your work space!

 Let’s start with the birthdays that kick off the school year…Virgo, Libra & Scorpio

Virgo needs things to be neat and organized.   Selenite will help them to retain a constant state of order – even when faced with messy situations.

Libra can be easily overwhelmed by schedules, deadlines and heavy workloads.  Sodalite enables them to break things down into attainable goals and avoid a complete shutdown from frustration.

Scorpio doesn’t do anything halfway, so they have a tendency to bore easily when dealing with things that don't match their intensity.  Amazonite will keep their curiosity engaged.

These birthdays have to share their day with holidays...Sagittarius, Capricorn & Aquarius

Sagittarius can attempt to take on too much all at once and end up burnt out.  Green Aventurine can keep them focused on finishing one thing before they tackle the next.

Capricorn needs to see results in order to stay motivated. Rose Quartz will highlight each accomplishment to drive them through lengthy projects.

Aquarius wants to know why they are performing each task and how it will benefit themselves and others.  Danburite will show them how their efforts make a difference.

You can see the end of the school year coming during these birthdays....Pisces, Aries & Taurus

Pisces can be challenged by practical things and thrive best in a fluent atmosphere. Citrine lets them add a touch of magic to even the most repetitive of tasks.

Aries is always in a rush to finish whatever they start, so important details can be lost.  Chrysocolla helps them slow down while retaining the excitement.

Taurus likes to take their time but they are tenacious when it comes to achievement.  Smokey Quartz shows them how to use patience to their advantage.

Summer days are finally here for these birthdays....Gemini, Cancer & Leo

Gemini is highly intellectual and needs room to consider every side and every option before they make a move.  Leopardskin Jasper will give them the time and space they need to be at their most productive.

Cancer is very sensitive to the energies that surround them and any negativity will prevent them from reaching their potential. Clear Quartz will keep those energies exceptionally positive so that they feel supported and encouraged.

Leo has an innate ability to command attention which can make it difficult to find "me" time to concentrate on their work.  Black Obsidian will augment their strong self-confidence and remind them that the party will wait for them.