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What is Happening in Astrology: The Best Crystals for Jupiter in Scorpio 2018


Did you know crystals can be associated with particular zodiac signs and even assist you when you are going through a major astrological transit? In Astrology, each planet moves through the zodiac at varying paces. Jupiter takes approximately 12 years to go around the zodiac spending 1 year at a time in each zodiac sign.

Jupiter is currently in the sign of Scorpio expanding and bringing these themes into our present awareness. Crystals can be used to get in touch with this energy or ease any tension created from this planetary transit. Read on for crystals you should be using during the Jupiter in Scorpio 2018 year!


About Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter is associated with expansion, luck, and amplification. The sign of Scorpio is associated with emotional depth, psychology, and intensity. When Jupiter is in Scorpio these themes are brought to the surface for our exploration. If you want to go deep and really understand your motivations and the underlying cause for something in your life, then this is the perfect time to do that!

Jupiter will be in Scorpio until approximately November of 2018. This is an excellent time for exploring your inner psyche, revealing secrets, and getting in touch with your intuition. There are particular crystals we can use during this time to enhance the effects of Jupiter in Scorpio in order to make the most of this energy!


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Crystals for Jupiter in Scorpio

1. Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is thought to bring clarity and focus. The archetype of Scorpio is known for intensity and concentration. Use clear quartz during this time to direct your intentions where you want them to go. Meditate holding this crystal to get a better sense of certainty in your life. You can also place clear quartz around your house to amplify positive and uplifting energy.

2. Bloodstone

As Scorpio is associated with the process of transformation and rebirth, this makes an excellent stone for the Jupiter in Scorpio transit. Bloodstone is used for purification and courage. Have a tumbled piece of bloodstone in your pocket to get the benefits from this crystal. If you are undergoing a major change in your life this stone can help you find authenticity, strength, and power during this time.

3. Obsidian

This stone of cleansing and grounding is excellent for the Jupiter in Scorpio year. Since Scorpio is a water sign it is associated with psychic energy, intuition, and emotions. With Jupiter amplifying Scorpio themes during 2018 you may be in need of this powerfully protective stone. If you are particularly sensitive to psychic phenomena and energy and you want to “turn off” for a bit hold onto a piece of obsidian for a spiritual cleanse.

4. Serpentine

This crystal reminds you to get in touch with nature. The earthy energy of serpentine is excellent for this year. This crystal will help you tap into years gone by and reflect on the deeper meaning behind your life’s moments. It also can help you release fear or detach from overthinking, worrying, or difficult emotions. This stone is very helpful if you are wanting to cleanse and detoxify your body. Additionally, it can help raise your Kundalini energy for greater spiritual awareness.

5. Moonstone

This milky rainbow/white stone is perfect for psychological investigation. Working with moonstone allows you to see into life’s mysteries and secrets more clearly. It gets you in touch with your intuition and your third eye. With Jupiter in Scorpio people will be more interested in understanding themselves better and their motivation behind their actions. Moonstone can help bring insight into the deepest questions you have about yourself. Wear moonstone in a piece of jewelry during 2018 to enhance your intuitive abilities.


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During Jupiter’s 12-year transit around the zodiac we get to experience its energy in each zodiac sign. If you were born when Scorpio was in Jupiter, then this will be a particularly lucky year for you! Giving yourself a “crystal prescription” for major year long transits, such as this, can help you get in touch with the present energy. It can also give you a deeper sense of the connections Astrology can have with other spiritual practices. Have you been working with any of these crystals this year?

Guest Post article by James H.

Posted on August 20, 2018
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