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Healing Crystals TSERP TSERP
So beautiful better than I expected.
5 5
The four that I received don't have that shine that you normally get with tumbled/polished stones so they have more of a dull and softer look to them. Absolutely love them and will be getting more
5 5
I got this one to go into one of my medicine bags but it still hasn't made it there yet. It has proven to be useful with many others unexpectently.
5 5
This is such a cute yellowish Serpentine I received! I'm very happy, Thank you
5 5
I am very happy with my purchase. This is my first time using crystals and everything I purchased was of very good quality. I was very surprised to see my order arrive so quickly! I will be ordering more crystals again soon!
4 5
These stones are stunning! The green colour is amazingly vibrant, even more beautiful than the specimens pictured here. So happy with them!
5 5
great thankyou
5 5
Good quality, nice coloring
5 5
I am extremely happy with my Serpentine. I took it to court with the help of manifesting peace by getting some problem people off our back. I had the stone, along with a few others, in my left pant pocket and during court, when I was praying for an abundance of peace to come into our lives by having these people go away, I felt extreme vibrations from my stone. I felt my pocket because I thought it was my cell phone set on vibrate! At that very moment I knew we would have all the peace from these people that we wanted. We won our case and they are out of our lives! Now I am using it to achieve complete healing of our dog from cancer.
5 5
This is a beautiful stone. I want to order more!
5 5

Tumbled Serpentine (Peru) - Tumbled Stones    [TSERP]

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