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Healing Crystals TJPMOO TJPMOO
The one I received was a very nice color throughout that slow transitioned, and just right for a medicine bag or to lay on the body. Great! Thanks
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This is one of the most beautiful examples of Mooakite Jasper I have ever seen, and is with me now. This is more beautiful then I thought it would be. The ones shown in the picture are amazing, but the one in my mind is just so fantastic! I knew I would love this, as much as I've loved Leopardskin Jasper, but this is special, there is something nearly like a soft blue alongside the tan/brown happening alongside such a deep dark purple/navy that it is close to pure black; that makes it perfect for someone high in Scorpio. You are amazing, healingcrystals staff! Hats off to you
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Thank you. you guys are great!
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Tumbled Mookaite Jasper (Australia) - Tumbled Stones    [TJPMOO]

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