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I got this quartz for my sister, we'll see if it works for her
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Really like the lithium quartz I was sent and glad I purchased this from HC.
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I have commented on the lithium crystal that I received from and said what a powerful and calming crystal it is. I ordered 3 more of them last week and just got them today. The second I opened the little plastic bag, took them out and held them in my hand..........I went from being anxious to feeling like I could fall asleep almost immediately! I have never experienced anything like this before! Not even my anti-anxiety medication hits me like this! 💊 I am trying to put together some little mojo bags for different things. I have about 6 little organza bags together with little words inside each bag for what I am using the crystals for such as prosperity 💰 Intuition🔮 Luck 🍀 Sleep 😴🌛 Love 💝, etc. Inside the bag with the 4 lithium crystals in it, it simply says.......Peace! To be honest, the bag is sitting next to me right now and my head is tingly and I feel like nodding off! It is simply an amazing crystal for feeling at peace, calm and relaxed! I think I'll buy a few more and put one in each of my mojo bags for the calming effect alone! I know that some crystals are also great for animals. Well, I have 4 cats and one of them is an extremely skiddish, nervous cat. I will pet him with a lithium crystal in my hand just to see what he does. . I'll let you all know if it helps! 🐈

I will ALWAYS carry a lithium crystal with me no matter where I go! Thanks again,! Time for a nap! 😴

Leslie Hayes. 💎

P.S. - Thanks for the little crystal cards for my free gift!
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Wow! This is one powerful crystal! I am prone to severe anxiety, depression, etc. As soon as I feel any anxiety coming on, I just find my lithium crystal. The very second I hold it in my hand, I feel an immediate calming sensation! It is incredible! I have been on medication for 25 years for anxiety, and while still taking my medication, I truly feel that this lithium crystal has brought me more comfort and calming in the past few days that I have had it than the 25 years I have been on medication! If you are looking for a crystal to calm you, this is the one!

Thanks Healing Crystals!
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such awesome energy coming off of these.... they have helped my daughter and myself become more calm, we carry them each day!
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Love the Lithium Quartz
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Nice size and quality. I can't wait to put this crystal to work!
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This crystal is wonderful
- it has a very calming and stabilizing energy- great for anyone with mood fluctuations. I highly recommend this.
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Nice, good energy. Thanks!
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Tumbled Lithium Quartz (Brazil) - Tumbled Stones    [TQLITH]

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