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Healing Crystals TCALGR TCALGR
I am so very pleased with our first order experience. Details on each Crystal & Stone, super helpful for my family, and was a really nice "family night" while we all sat together for over two hours going over each selection we had in mind for all of us. This one was a nice size and the first one of my oldest son's stones that he touched. The look on his face when he exclaimed, with awe on his face, "I actually felt it!" was priceless.
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I really like the green calcite that was sent to me.
5 5
They picked a marvelously beautiful stone for me in this order,its smooth and has beautiful white veins and even gave me a free piece of green quartz with the order,which is equally as beautiful,deep hunter green with traces of browns,Thank you for all you do,please keep up the good work. Blessed be friends.
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I felt the energy of this stone right away-so much heat emanates from it! I enjoy holding it and after a few minutes my hand gets flushed =D
4 5
Another first for me and these stones are lovely. Chunky with a lovely clear-ish green. Very impressed!
5 5
I got two of these and they are great! It was a good size, exactly what i wanted. The shipping was fast too! Thank you Healing Crystals!
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Tumbled Green Calcite (Brazil) - Tumbled Stones    [TCALGR]

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