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Healing Crystals TAVGR TAVGR
Beautiful piece of green aventurine with sparkles.
5 5
Excellent color and feel ! Really fast shipping also. Thank You!
5 5
An amazing water crystal. Beautiful and powerful on many chakras.
5 5
Love the stones. I can feel something but as a newbie I'm not sure what yet.
5 5
5 5
nice stones, but I think the size should be larger than what I purchased, still very pretty and well liked for my friends I gave them to.
4 5
I am so thankful and more than pleased with my order!
5 5
Beautriful color.
5 5
I love this site. I've been wanting to work with crystals and your site makes it so easy. Thank you.
You can expect me to come here for all of my crystal purchases.
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Very nice, thanks!
5 5

Tumbled Green Aventurine (Africa) - Tumbled Stones    [TAVGR]

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