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Healing Crystals TQCL TQCL
I would definitely recommend the 1lb bag! There were near 70 stones in my bag!! I was blown away! The clarity and quality of every stone in the bag was wonderful.
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Very clear, very nice.
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I am so thankful and more than pleased with my order!
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These tumbled quartz are great. They are very smooth, nice for holding during meditation, or to carry in a pocket.
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You are just a wonderful company to do business with! I gave your URL to my Rainbow Reiki class and they were very impressed with your products and your educational mission. I am impressed also, not only with your products and delivery, but also by your customer service ethic. In this day and age, many of us shop online for the “Best Bargain” and receive poor to no customer service. The quality that sets a company apart from the online competition, is the customer service, and you folks are excellent
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Tumbled Clear Quartz (India) - Tumbled Stones    [TQCL]

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