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Healing Crystals TAPAT TAPAT
I put my purchased apatite stone and a rose quartz stone in a small cloth bath and safety pinned it inside my clothes over my arthritic hip. I cannot believe the difference! Not only has the pain been dramatically reduced, but the function of joint is much improved as well. Amazing crystals!
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Wonderful! I love working with this stone.
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I got one that's on the dark-ish color. It has a similar shape with my Black Tourmaline, and sometimes I'd get confuse with the two when the light was dim lol Overall, it's a wonderful stone, and I love it.
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Very pretty blue.
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great crystals, stones, fast delievery and great communication. Excellent info.
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Tumbled Blue Apatite (Brazil) - Tumbled Stones    [TAPAT]

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