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Halloween is one of the most fun, spooky, mysterious and frightening times of the year. This holiday is celebrated for different reasons, and just about everyone can find an aspect of Halloween to be enthusiastic and joyful about. Regardless of what age you are and what your plans are, Halloween is a great time of year to embrace the almost magical support crystals can give.

Crystals for Connecting with Beings in Higher Realms

The word Halloween is actually a contraction for All Hallows’ Eve, a pagan holiday revering life and death, endings and beginnings. It was accepted as a time to connect with and honor the spirits who passed on. Many people in the metaphysical community find this time of year to be when the veil between worlds is thinnest; you might want to take advantage of this to connect with beings in higher realms and different dimensions. Apophyllite, Phenacite, and Staurolite can strengthen your connection to the other side, so you can clearly commune with whom you want. Holding a piece of Carnelian or Dravite can anchor you back in this reality after your visit.

Crystals for Spooky Travels

Sometimes the journey on Halloween isn’t as far as another realm, but on this planet - to another place like alleged haunted grounds, an amusement park, party, or trick or treater’s house. No matter where you travel, safety is always a priority. Whether from real ghosts or people dressed as ghouls, Black Tourmaline will keep you safe and grounded. Golden Tiger Eye shields and enhances awareness of dangers headed your way, while Smokey Quartz will keep you protected and hidden from trouble.

Crystals for Being Your Authentic Self and Costumes

One of the most famous aspects of modern Halloween festivities is the costumes. You are free to try out different costumes - essentially different skins - and experiment with being someone else for a night. Labradorite and Merlinite can make your transformation strong and smooth. Trying on different personas has the added benefit of helping you discover who you are and who you want to be. Citrine, Golden Tiger Eye, and Moss Agate can give you the strength to release anything which hinders you from being your truest self, while giving you the courage to be who you always dreamed of.

Crystals for Your Adventures on Halloween

Overall, Halloween is a great time of year to just have fun. Of course, fun is in the eye of the beholder; it can easily mean staying home, handing out candy and watching scary movies. It can also mean going to parties, frightening-themed amusement parks, and haunted houses in an effort to scream yourself hoarse. For the more metaphysically minded, connecting with beings in another realm might be the entertainment of choice. In any case, have some Orange Calcite, Sunstone, or Fire Opal around to bring vibrancy and enthusiasm into your adventure. Happy Halloween!

Lourdes and Tara's Favorites for Halloween

To complement the above suggestions, Lourdes and Tara discuss their favorites, namely Agate, Botswana AgateCarnelian, Sunstone, Mexican Fire Opal, Ametrine, Orange Calcite, Black Obsidian, and Smokey Quartz.

Something Fun: Halloween Cards

If you enjoy a good trick or treat, take a look at some Halloween Cards based on crystals and minerals that work with the energy of Halloween. 



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Original Article By Rachel Niemczyk

Posted on October 11, 2013

    (Submitted by: Julz on October 07, 2017)

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