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As you continue along your crystal journey, you have probably come across some crystals at one time or another that were created in a lab or treated in some way. At first you may have been surprised, but after looking into it further you may have discovered that there are many stones and crystals that have been altered from their natural state. While this is often done to enhance the appearance of the crystal, you may have been wondering what effect, if any, this will have on the energy it emits and on how it is used for healing.

Dyed Crystals

One of the most common ways that crystals are modified is their color. Some crystals are dyed to produce an unnatural color in the crystal, such as pink, royal blue and teal, which is usually seen in Agate or Quartz. These are the most obvious to appear that their color has been altered. Other color changes in the crystals are not so apparent. Lapis Lazuli is often dyed blue to make the color more consistent. This also applies to most Black Onyx, which naturally tends to have gray streaks and is dyed black. Turquenite is the name given to white Magnesite that has been dyed a turquoise blue, but often you'll find that dyed blue Howlite is also called Turquenite. Faceted gemstones are also commonly colored to make them more visually appealing. Some other commonly dyed crystals are Malachite, Rhodonite, Jasper, Turquoise, Agate and Aventurine. These color-altered crystals still retain the healing qualities of the original crystal, but will also take on the healing properties of the new color it has become.

Heat Treating or Irradiation

Another way the color of a crystal can be modified is by either heat-treating them or by irradiation. Irradiation is done by exposing the crystal to gamma radiation, neutron bombardment or ionization and is used to make Smokey Quartz a consistent dark brown color. Heat treated crystals are heated with chemicals to alter the coloring of the crystal. A lot of Citrine available on the market is actually heat treated Amethyst. You can easily identify these Citrine crystals by their bright, golden yellow coloring in comparison to the pale yellow or greenish yellow of natural Citrine. Red Tiger Eye is created by heating Golden Tiger Eye. Some other commonly heated crystals are Tanzanite, Tourmaline, Fluorite, Aquamarine and Amethyst. Heated and irradiated crystals also still retain their inherent healing properties. If the crystal changes color during the process, it will also adopt the properties of the new color, which can be used in color therapy and when working with the Chakras.

Aura Quartz Crystals

Another method of changing the color of crystals in a lab is by super-heating the crystals and then infusing the surface with vaporized metals that create a permanent coloration on the surface of the crystal. This process is used to convert Clear Quartz into Aura Quartz including Aqua Aura, Indigo Aura, Tangerine Aura, Angel Aura and Champagne Aura. The color of the crystal is determined by the metal(s) used. This process of enhancing crystals not only combines the metaphysical properties of the metal with Clear Quartz to create high vibrational healing crystals, but the Aura Quartz also has unique healing properties of its own.

Crystals Filled to Enhance the Appearance

Crystals that typically have cracks and fissures on their surface in their natural form are sometimes filled to enhance the appearance. This is done by adding wax, glass or another substance to the crystal to fill in the imperfections and create a smoother surface. Some crystals that have been modified this way before are Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald. Filling crystals only changes the look and color. The healing properties of filled crystals are the same as before the modification.

Created in a Lab

Other crystals are entirely created in a lab. Bismuth is one example of a man-made crystal that is created in a laboratory from a mineral and “grown” into a complex rhombohedral crystal structure that has a beautiful rainbow of colors. Goldstone is a combination of glass and metal flakes, which both impact the healing properties of the stone. The type of metal/mineral used determines the color of the Goldstone: red is from copper, blue is from cobalt, green is from chromium oxide, and purple is from manganese. Both Goldstone and Bismuth are powerful and helpful healing crystals, despite the fact that they are man-made. Bismuth can assist with feelings of isolation and can help you through a transformation. Goldstone is a stone of ambition and can help you to achieve your goals. Goldstone also stabilizes the emotions and can be useful for arthritis pain.

Crystal healing is a great way to connect with all the Earth’s energies and her amazing crystal creations. It’s important not to overlook the heated, treated and man-made crystal companions too, even though they have been modified. While not all crystals are sold in their beautiful natural state, these lab enhanced crystals have a place in the world of crystal healing and are useful additions to your “crystal toolbox”.


Article By Stephanie Arnold

Posted on February 11, 2014

  Very useful information for those still learning and wanting to work with the healing properties of crystals. I was concerned about working with the most natural forms of the crystals and this article really clarified my confusion. Thanks so much ????????  (Submitted by: Kathy on May 03, 2022)
  It is also true that some gemstones are laboratory grown. I have three of these, Tanzanite, Alexandrite and Pink Sapphire.

A crystal's energies and healing powers derive directly from its atomic lattice structure, and so laboratory grown crystals and gems have the precise same powers as those grown by the planet.

The only difference I as a crystal whisperer find, is that laboratory grown crystals lack some of the ancient Earth wisdom of natural crystals. They are just as effective as healing crystals, however, and the snobbery I've noticed around laboratory grown gems, is wholly unnecessary. Please don't reject a laboratory grown crystal for that reason; you might be missing out on a precious friend!

Love and Light.  (Submitted by: Cherry on November 11, 2021)
  Thanks for the great article! I never knew man made crystals had beneficial energy comparable to natural crystals. There was a lot of other valuable information as well.  (Submitted by: Kimberly on May 26, 2021)
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