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I love, love, love my new selenite tower. it's soo pretty and very shimmery/glittery. I can't wait to set up my desk for my crystal alter. I want to start making a youtube channel for all my crystals plus paranormal/metaphysical videos. I will defiantly tell people to come and check out your website and show off all my crystals I ordered from you guys. You guys are awesome and Rock!!. Thanks soo much!!. JennJen
My 8 year daughter can't put down the tower I have to buy her one too before she steals :)
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Beautiful piece! Extremely happy with mine.
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Fantastic, loved it!
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Thank you, I did get my order promptly. I got my discount. Thank you. You all are great. Keep up the good you do. Blessings, Gwen
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The towers were lovely, very shimmery. I was extremely happy with them!
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Absolutely beautiful stone.
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Towers - Selenite "Skyscraper" Tower (Morocco)    [CTSEL]

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