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Healing Crystals CMTQCIN CMTQCIN
I've purchased many of these lodalite towers and I am never disappointed- stunning and great for shamanic work, crystal journeying, and in general, inspiration.
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WOW. I picked this piece up and it filled me with a sense of purpose- I am in the midst of change in my life and have been feeling very hurt, stressed, confused, and scared. Upon holding this crystal, I understood what I needed to do, and realized that it was okay and that I am worth it. Again, WOW. My friend picked it up and he began to get misty-eyed (in a good way). These crystals are POWERFUL, and I thank the kind folks at Healing Crystals for carrying these; this little guy was exactly what I needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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This was my first time with towers, Phantoms and Inclusions. Many of my stones have been picked up from nature, purchased first hand or given to me as gifts. The inclusions always seemed to be natural to me. It is so wonderful how the inclusions fuse to the insides of the stones. I love the tall, skinny shapes, but I think I will go for a small squat one next time. :)
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Towers - Clear Quartz Mini-Tower w/Inclusions (Brazil)    [CMTQCIN]

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